How an Engineer saved the Whole SpaceX Company!

  • SpaceX almost ran out of money in 2008 and had one last chance to launch a rocket to orbit.
  • Elon Musk was not having enough money to invest in SpaceX, this was his last chance or SpaceX would go bankrupt.
  • In 2008, before the company had successfully launched a single rocket, two dozen SpaceX engineers were transporting its Falcon 1 rocket to Hawaii inside an Air Force jet (C-17 jet as you can see in this picture).
  • This Falcon 1 was like a lifeline for SpaceX, if it failed then SpaceX would be shut down. But as the jet descended for landing, the engineers heard “a loud, terrible, popping noise,”.
  • The rocket was collapsing and shaking due to pressure imbalance.The pressure in the fuel tank was increasing and it started getting crushed!
  • It would kill everyone who was sitting beside the rocket. An engineer named Zach Dunn quickly crawled toward the liquid-oxygen tank while sharp rocket parts were scraping his back. He said, “It hurt like hell crawling there!”.
  • He then opened the shafts of tank and balanced the pressure. Then on September 28, the Falcon 1 rocket was launched and it successfully reached the orbit. It saved the whole company from drowning.


The Story Behind Musk and Bezos meeting for dinner

  • A rare photo shows Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos having dinner 17 years ago. But there’s a unique story behind this dinner!
  • Jeff Bezos’s Blue origin was officially opened in 2000. Elon Musk wouldn’t launch SpaceX until March 2002.
  • From the start, SpaceX was much more publicly visible. SpaceX started to win NASA contracts. While SpaceX had yet to launch a rocket into space, it was testing engines in Texas and Bezos wanted to meet Musk.
  • They both were discussing about Space & rockets. Bezos has made jokes of Musk’s goal of sending humans to Mars. Musk said that Bezos was “barking up the wrong tree” about rockets.On one hand, Musk was trying to colonize Mars, while on the other hand Bezos wanted to create a space economy for millions of people.
      • SpaceX’s first successful launch came 4 years after they met.Over the years, Blue Origin has hired top SpaceX employees, offering them twice the salary. “I think it’s unnecessary and a bit rude,” Musk responded.
  • Bezos was proposing some new techniques and Elon Musk had already tested all those techniques and he called Bezos a copycat. Elon Musk was giving some fine advices to Bezos, but he ignored all the Musk’s ideas.
    • SpaceX and Blue Origin have also competed over talent, patents, NASA contracts, and access to launchpads. What do you think, who will win the Space Race.


Scientists can implant False Memory into the mind


  • Researchers from the UK and Germany were able to implant a false memory in people’s minds and reversed them easily.
  • The researchers took 52 participants for the experiment. With the help of parents, they implanted two false-negative memories that definitely didn’t happen in reality. For example – getting lost, running away, or being involved in a car accident.
  • With 2 false memory, researchers implanted two true memory that actually happened in their life. After some time, researchers called participants one-by-one and asked them to recall all the memories and they talked to participants in a very aggressive way.
  • At first, participants recalled and described two true memories perfectly. And they also recalled and described those 2 false memories too that never happened in their life.
  • Participants felt that those false memories really happened in their life! They were able to describe it completely. Researchers then confirmed that they’d successfully developed false memory into 52 people’s minds.
  • Later, Researchers undo those false memories. But, this technique can be used for false confession of crimes! Should we trust our brain though?


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