Sanskrit in Interstellar Movie!

  • You probably have watched or heard about Interstellar movie. If you haven’t watched that film yet, you should go and give it a try then! It’s worth watching.
  • In one of its scenes Cooper, the main character of the film was chasing a Drone in his car with his children, where he called a drone as an INDIAN Drone.
  • In the scene where Cooper was hacking the drone on his tab, there was something unique & interesting!
  • In the current day, we use English as a basic programming language but this movie has shown Sanskrit as a basic programming language in the future.
  • Cooper was hacking the drone in Sanskrit programming language! Many researchers also suggest that Sanskrit is a better option for programming.
  • In many Universities of France, Germany, the U.K, etc. Sanskrit is a Secondary language.
  • There is a separate department in NASA as well to conduct research on the language of Sanskrit. With all that research, Sanskrit might really be the future.
  • By the way, the use of Sanskrit in the Interstellar movie was pretty awesome, but still many Indians are unaware about it.


The“Zone of Silence” and mysteries behind it!

A place where there is no signals, no sound. Even the compass fails to show you directions.

Conspiracy or Something more?

  • Located near Durango, Mexico is the popular “Zone of Silence” also called the Mexican version of the Bermuda Triangle, is as mysterious as its name.
  • Various spooky incidents made people believe, the area ishome to hidden secrets and unexplained events.
  • Your phone will have no signal, even your compass will be confused. You find people for asking directions but once you get closer they vanish!
  • Apart from zero communication, this spot is responsible for crashing a US missile that was supposed to land in another location and had no problems!
  • Locals also said thatmeteorites and research campsall vanished the next day after thecrash happened. There was not even a single piece of evidence!
  • One famous UFO investigator said “People often get lost in the Zone. When this happens, sometimes tall blond beings appear out of nowhere.”Aliens, please stop hiding!
  • Are all mysterious places on Earthconnected? Is the Earth a big Spaceship?


Aliens might be watching you through TV!


  • If you live in US, Canada or Mexico you will find something strange about channel number 37 doesn’t exist but somehow connected to aliens!
  • You might have realised there is no signal or the channel number 37 is not found (for US citizens). There’s a gap between channel number36 and 38! Isn’t it strange?
  • In 1952, the US opened up the television system that used a technology called UHF signals, causing the total number of TV channel to increase to 2000.But the channel number 37was not on the list. What could be the reason?
  • A engineer Karl Jansky discovered some strangesignals in the channel 37. He foundthat the signal was coming not from Earth, but rather from the center of our galaxy! He had made the first detection of a signal of extra-terrestrialorigin.
  • It is said that the signal was intentionally send to earth for the aliens to communicate with us.The signal was different in nature and was creating problems with other devices that time.
  • Later this channel was kept under silence to understand the mystery behind the signal. For this a 400 feet radio telescope was built to communicate with the aliens.
  • In the 1950s,it was revealed that people experienced voices coming from the channel, during late night. Some even suffered mental issues and headache on channel 37. Many said that their channel was changed to number37 withoutusing the remote. Spooky!
  • Many theorists says that Aliens or secret government organization uses this channel 37 to communicate with each other or even mess with audience’s minds!
  • Do you think, Intelligent Alien beings are behind this mystery channal?


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