Robot ApocalypseIs Coming!

  • Within few years, you’ll not be able to differentiate between Humans and Robots! You wouldn’t even know if your neighbor or your boss is human or robot!
  • Scientists have created human-like skin for robots! The skin not only looks like Human skin but behaves in the same way!
  • ‘Promobot Plant’ company is creating life-like skins for robots! The skin is soft, elastic, and a little bit rough, exactly like human skin! Guess what, the skin also has pores & even pimples just like humans!
  • The Robot’s skin secretes oil and sweat just like Human skin does. The robot skin is more life-like, thanks to ‘new silicon alloy &chemicals’.
  • The company says that this Human-like robot will be available in Malls, theatres, or offices as receptionists or to guide. But, imagine if these types of robots are used in warfare, committing crimes, etc.
  • Even facial recognition tech can’t differentiate between humans and this new type of robot. What if they turned against humans?
  • Robots are now being taught to act & behave like humans, they think, they feel pain, they are self-learning, they have been granted citizenship, now what else?
  • Soon, cities will be full of humanoid robots, and you will not be able to identify them!
  • Do you think, Robot Apocalypse is coming?


Inventions that Can Save Earth, But No One Cares!

  1. Edible Water Blobs
  • The outer-covering of this water blob is bio-degradable. You can directly put the whole water blob in your mouth. 4-5 blobs are equal to a whole glass of water! This can easily replace Plastic bottles that are killing Sea animals!


2. Edible Packaging For Saving lives!

Feels amazing while chilling on the beach with beer cans or energy drink cans, right? But those cans kill millions of sharks, dolphins, and turtles each year!

  • SaltWater Brewery company created edible packaging for products like beer cans, bottles, that are made of barley & wheat. These are 100% safe, and when thrown in the ocean, marine animals can easily eat them.

3. Toothpaste pills!

  • Toothpaste keeps your teeth healthy, but it can kill marine animals! It consists of lead, which is poisonous to animals. Researchers have created toothpaste pills. The pills can remain fresh for more than 8 months and they are eco-friendly. It works better than your regular paste!


4. Plastic Bags that dissolve in water!

  • Plastic Bags are the biggest enemies of nature! It is harmful to every living being. A researcher created bio-degradable plastic bags that are made up of fruit starch and it easily gets dissolve in water. And, you can safely drink that water too!


5. Bottle Lightbulbs

  • 74% of Rural Areas don’t have electricity. They live in complete darkness at night! Researcher has created a micro solar panel that is inserted into old plastic bottles. It absorbs the sunlight and is capable to produce light for the whole night.
  • It’s been years since these inventions were created, and now where are they? Why they are not in our homes? They are cheap, so why we are not using them yet?


New Technique ToStop Aging!

  • We have already broken few laws of nature! Now, Israel Scientists have found a new technique to stop aging and reverse it too!
  • Before we begin, you should know that your body has a special thing called ‘telomeres’ which represent your age! When you slowly get older, your ‘telomeres’ get shorter.
  • So, this new technique increases the length of ‘telomeres’, and stops aging! Scientists conducted an experiment where they selected 35 people aged 64 and older.
  • They were sent into a closed chamber, and provided only pressurized pure Oxygen for 90 days! All the participants were healthy. After 90 days, when Scientists checked their blood samples, they were surprised to see the results!
  • The length of ‘telomeres’in their body increased by 38%!! It means the participants are a few days younger than they were before! This technique extends the remaining life expectancy by more than 33%.
  • This technique is known as Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and many millionaires are now taking this therapy to extend their lifetime and stop aging!
  • Do you think, we are going against the laws of nature by stopping aging?



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