• Let’s take a look at 7 upcoming inventions that would make you go WOW!
  • ‌BREAZE – It is a great mask designed to give you access to fresh air and is great in these covid times and it is soft and feels super comfortable.
  • ‌MARY INDOOR GROWING – It’s a home growing crop device which can automatically take care of watering, lighting, temperature and pest and grow your food safely and in a healthier way.
  • ‌SMART ARMOR CUBE – It’s a biometric Bluetooth in-home locking system which keeps your belongings super safe with it’s powerful lock technology and it has a lithium battery which needs no charging for one whole year!
  • ‌KINUAMI BUBBLE SHOWER – This is an amazing shower device which sheds water with protein and amino acids which feels like silk on your body. It’s the best upcoming invention which will give your showers and body hygiene an upgrade.
  • ‌PADRONE – It’s the coolest touch pad ring which you can wear on your finger like a ring and use it with any gadget on any surface as a mouse.
  • ‌THE PLATYPUS – It’s a marine device that allows you to navigate both under and over the sea. And surprisingly it doesn’t need an oxygen tank.
  • ‌LED GLOVE – It’s a glove, made of spandex and cotton, and has a flexible grip and can be worn by anyone no matter what the size of their hand is. It also has inbuilt flashlights and are great for labour works.
  • ‌Which o these inventions blew your mind away?



  • ‌Micro robots and tiny drones are the future of solving humanity’s problems. Let’s see the top 7 of these upcoming tech.
  • ‌MICROSCALAPS – These micro robots can swim through your bodily fluids and even through your eyes. They are powered by external magnetic field and are designed to reach parts of your body which cannot be reached by human hands.
  • ‌SIDEBOARD BIEL – This technology can turn beetles into live robots by implanting six electrodes in their wing muscles and is powered by lithium battery. Scientists plan to use it for environmental exploration and for research.
  • ‌ROBO BEE – It is the smallest insect like robot which flies autonomously using inbuilt sensors and doesn’t even require human control. It is developed to bring innovation in the field of robotics.
  • ‌ZUTA POCKET PRINTER – This lightweight office printer can fit right into your pocket and print for you with better clarity with its innovative design.
  • ‌KILLOBOT – These are multiple small robots which functions as one and communicate with infrared transmissions. It is like an army of mini robots which self assembles in many shapes and can be used in the study of natural behaviour.
  • ‌CELL SIZED NANOBOTS – These nano robots were developed by a research team of MIT, and are built to measure atmospheric properties and can also be transported inside human body to study its functions and to detect diseases.
  • ‌Do you also believe that in future, Nanotech can revolutionise our lives?



  • ‌Big news coming from the world of science – Neutrino interaction is spotted at Large Hadron Collider(LHC) for the first time.
  • ‌Neutrinos are sub-atomic particles with no electric charge. They have very little interaction with matter and that is why it is really difficult to detect them.
  • ‌They are mostly created in nuclear reactions and are 500,000 times lighter than electron.
  • ‌But these highly difficult to detect and minute particles could throw light on evolution.
  • ‌They were detected by smashing a beam of particles into a stationary target, but not in collisions, which makes it easy for scientists to study them.
  • ‌Moreover, Neutrinos can help us learn how matter evolved from simple particles into complex compositions and created stars and supernovas and other space objects.
  • ‌What are your thoughts on this new scientific achievement?





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