• We all know 5G is about to come. But should we be worried?
  • ‌Technology is evolving much faster than we all expected. First 1G analog phone came way back in 80s.
  • Then came 2G phones with SMS and Voicemails in the 90s.‌
  • In 2000s, came 3G phones with features like web browsing, GPS location tracking, and image sharing.‌
  • In previous decade we saw the coming of 4G technology phones which we are using now and we all know that it is filled with numerous features!‌
  • And now we will soon witness the arrival of 5G technology phones with rapid speed downloads, lower lags, and many more shocking features.
  • ‌Although many scientists and researchers say that we should not be in a hurry since 5G technology can have very serious implications on health of humans and animals.‌
  • While some argue that 5G is completely safe and even China has built the world’s largest 5G network already. Eventually India has to come up with 5G to compete with the world.‌
  • But the question remains, should India move faster towards 5G or bring it slow and steady?



  • ‌Many Spiritualists claim to understand Consciousness. But can Science give us a better way to understand it?
  • ‌Dr.MichioKaku says that consciousness can be measured in units. Plants, animals, humans have all different units of consciousness in them.‌
  • One way to look at it is through Evolution. The back of our brain was evolved first and is often called the ‘reptilian brain’ which governs balance, territoriality & mating.‌
  • Then evolved the centre part of the brain which is often called ‘monkey brain’ or mammalian brain which governs our emotions & social hierarchies.‌
  • After that the front part of our brain got evolved often called as ‘human brain’ where the prefrontal cortex lies. It governs rational thinking.
  • ‌So the next time you ask yourself ‘who am I or why am I’, then the answer is right in the middle of your forehead.‌
  • But the strange truth is that many scientific studies have been done to understand Consciousness yet we have so less answers.‌
  • Tell us in comments what do you understand about your own Consciousness.



  •  Renowned astronomer Carl Sagan was an atheist but he had interesting views on Indian scriptures and the science hidden in them.‌
  • Carl was a very curious and open minded astronomer who didn’t shy away from finding the mysteries of Vedas unlike many scientists do.
  • Sagan believed that Hinduism is the only religion which is dedicated to the idea that Cosmos is infinite, and goes through a number of deaths and rebirths.‌
  • He was fascinated with the scientific marvels mentioned in the Vedas like the age of our Universe which many scientists agree upon.‌
  • He was also thrilled with the idea in our scriptures that there are infinite number of universes, and Krishna dreaming the infinite Cosmic dream.
  • He was enchanted by “Shiva’s Cosmic Dance” representing Creation, Preservation and Destruction and cycles of Time.‌
  • Even Werner Heisenberg said that “Quantum theory will not look ridiculous to people who have read Vedanta”.‌
  • There is a reason why there is a statue of Shiva at CERN and scientists studying the commonality between Shiva’s Cosmic Dance and the dance of subatomic particles.‌
  • But there are many scientists and rationalists who do not give much credit and value to Vedas anymore.‌
  • Do you believe many secrets are yet to come out from Indian Scriptures?



  • ‌Scientists often argue that Humanity doesn’t need God. But who will win in this battle between Science and God?
  • What if an advanced alien civilization has already gone so far in understanding the whole cosmos that they don’t need the concept of God at all?‌
  • But even if we and aliens get to know everything there is to know, then what next?‌
  • Will us and aliens become Gods and create more life and universes?‌
  • In the end even if we understand everything through science, there will be still something left undiscovered.‌
  • And then only ‘Belief in God’ will be left to grasp in the end of this Cosmic game.‌
  • According to Late Mathematician Kurt Gödel “God, by definition, is that for which no greater can be conceived. God exists in the understanding”.‌
  • Do you think it is high time for Science and Spirituality to shake hands to end wars and progress with unity?


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