5 best application for students

Did you know why the use of technology was increasing day by day with the number of peoples? Because the best thing about technology is, it is progressed in almost every sector of life. The technology can make you more advanced and can also make your life easier with saving your precious time.

But, if you are a student then this article will help you with your studies. Because Nowadays technology is developing in studies sector also which is making student life better and easier. Let’s check out the 5 most useful apps for students:

 5. Evernote


Sometimes carrying a notebook or a diary for writing To-Do-list, Schedule or Time-Table and because of this, we get frustrated. Because of this frustration we sometimes not take a copy with us and missed to write an important note. But, if you have an Evernote app on your phone then you can write an important note in it and it will be secure without any messy.

You can write an important lecture, Home Work and checklist which will remind you to complete your Homework.

Download EverNote

4. Oxford Dictionary


Whether you are studying in the US, UK, Canada, India etc. most of the time you need a dictionary to find out a meaning of the word which the professor is speaking during lecture. But, carrying a Dictionary and searching the meaning of that word will take your time.

So, if you want to find the meaning of word instantly then you can use “Oxford Dictionary” app in your phone. This app will show you the meaning of any word with a detailed definition and how you can you use that word in the sentence.

Download Oxford Dictionary

3. BenchPrep


Are you preparing for your Final Examination? Or Your examinations are near and you are not sure about your preparation? Don’t worry about it. You can use “BenchPrep” app this will help you to know that you are prepared for your examination or not.

You can connect with other peoples through this app to share notes, do the revision together and take the test too. This app also tracks your progress as well.

Download BenchPrep

2. Scanner Pro


This is the most useful app for the student who has iPhone with them. Convert your iPhone into a Scanner. You can live paperlessly with the help of this app. If you start storing notes and documents in your phone with the help of scanning through this app.

Then you will never forget to bring notes in class. Because we can forget everything to bring in class except for a mobile phone.

Download Scanner Pro

1. Level Money


According to me, this is the best app for a college student who doesn’t have control over spending money and have a tight budget. Our Parents give us some limited money to spend it monthly so we don’t have unlimited fund. For such type of students “Level Money” is the best app for them.

This app is connected with your Bank Accounts and credit card, it tracks your spending automatically. So, if you spent over money then this app will give you a reminder that you can not spend more money otherwise you can’t suffer this month.

Download Level Money

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