A new free plan by Microsoft Teams seems much better deal than Slack’s

Microsoft started giving a tough competition to Slack in workplace communication in the last few years. So, Slack is not the leading tech company in workplace communication. In 2016, Microsoft introduced Teams to compete Slack. But, Teams by Microsoft did not have a free option. Microsoft has now introduced a free tier which is pretty much beneficial for smaller companies. Slack provides one free tier which is easy-to-go for the customers with a hope they’ll upgrade later. To compete Slack, Microsoft’s Team is pretty strong. For covering most small businesses, Microsoft has included support for up to 300 people. Also, it has included following features:

  • -> Unlimited search and chat messages.
  • ->Feature of audio and video calling added for individuals, groups, and full team meatups.
  • -> 2 GB of personal storage per person and additional 10 GB of storage for the team.
  • -> Office now allows you to create integrated and real-time content using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.
  • -> You can now choose unlimited app integrations from over 140 business apps including Trello, Evernote, and Adobe.
  • -> Microsoft’s secure and global infrastructure allows you to communicate and collaborate with anyone inside or outside your organization.

 Microsoft vs Slack

In comparison with Microsoft’s free plan, Slack’s free plan seems to be small. It only allows you to search the last 10,000 messages. It is pretty small after a few years for a larger team. Only 5 GB of storage is available for the team, 10 integrations, and no guest accounts. Also, videos are limited to 1-on-1 sessions. On the other side, Microsoft’s free plan is better for a small business for a long term. But, Slack could anytime improve its features to stay in the competition. Slack has not announced any plans yet. So, its the time for slack to introduce some new plans. Microsoft is offering some of the goodies to the people who subscribe to Microsoft 365. Also, subscribers will be able to use features like scheduling and recording meetings, extra storage, security, etc.

Earlier this year, Microsoft tested a set of new meeting features in its Build conference. It is now debuting this set of futuristic features. AI will allow you to relive video meetings with a speaker timeline that uses facial detection to detect the person who is talking. Also, each voice will be mapped with audio transcription. To make the feature accessible to all, there are some close captions. For most teams, the free version is enough to satisfy the basic needs. Microsoft will need to cover a long way for building up the sort of cloud Slack has. Some features like private channels and many more are still missing in the Microsoft’s free plan. But, this huge step of free plan is a huge step towards the right direction. The free plan is now available, and a paid plan will cost you $5 per user as before.

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