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Bill Gates’ life exploration through documentary in upcoming Netflix Project

Everyone knows about Microsoft, a multinational technology company based in Washington. The one that runs the world’s best computers and perfect entertainment systems, aside from gaming. Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates’s journey from a Harvard dropout to the co-founder of Microsoft is a story full of inspiration and hard work. Bill Gates Life documentary: Netflix steps […]

How to Unroot Android Phone?

Rooting your Android Phone gives you some extra permission with the help of which you will be able to get some extra features. You can also get the latest Android Version before launching officially on your phone if you have rooted it. But, one of the disadvantages is that rooting void your phone warranty. One […]

How to record Video calls on WhatsApp and Facebook?

Most of us know How to Record Audio Calls, but we don’t know how we can record video calls. Videos are some of our precious memories which also makes conversation real because of which we also want to save those important moments. Majority of people uses Facebook and WhatsApp for doing Video chat but unfortunately, WhatsApp and Facebook does […]

How to Install Custom ROM on Android?

One of the best thing about Android is Custom ROM. If you are also ready to install Custom ROM on your Android phone for getting some extra benefits in it then continue reading this article. You will get some benefits like an improved battery, better performance and Android Updates to latest versions, etc. Before installing […]