Bloomberg’s spy chip story unveils the dark world of national security reporting

Today’s unexpected Bloomberg story has divided the internet into two parts. First, the story is true and reporters have found one of the largest and painful violations of the U.S tech industry by a foreign rival. Second, its simply fake.

Dark world of national security reporting

The story mentioned that Chinese spies got access to the supply chain and installed tiny chips on the motherboards built by Supermicro. These motherboards are being used in data center servers across the U.S tech industry. So, China could easily access data on the server and spy on the world’s most wealthy companies like Apple and Amazon.

Amazon, Supermicro, and Apple vigorously denied the claims. Apple and Supermicro also released a standalone statement later. You cannot conclude anything without reading these statements yourself.

Reporters could not seek the facts by tapping the intelligence community. And spies and diplomats are not allowed to share classified information with anyone.

People are doubtful with this “spy chip” story. One side, there is Bloomberg’s decades-long outstanding reputation. Reporters would not come up with this story without any proper research. So, people who trust on Bloomberg and its decades-long reputation of reporting, can have faith on the story and its reporters. At last, reporters would not create fake stories to lose its decades-long reputation.

But, on the other side, sources mentioned in the story are anonymous. Most likely, just because reporters do not want get in any legal jeopardy. This makes the story and its resources less credible and accountability isn’t possible. Additionally, mentioning any sources could also create “he said, she said” situation and even reporters could get into it. So, reporters have been less transparent with the story and it makes the story less credible.

It is up to reader to judge Bloomberg’s reporting. Reporter’s are free to publish any topic they find true, but at last it is up to reader to trust it or not.

This story still remains to be with many complex claims. And these claims could turn out to become a really serious issue. We could not judge the Bloomberg’s story by just discussing about it. They could have done better by being more transparent with their claims. It was a great opportunity for the Bloomberg.

At last, story remains on a shaky ground with serious allegations. As long as the story is well-sourced, we can trust Bloomberg and its reporters. In the time where fake news is very common, we can still show trust on Bloomberg and hope its reporters are not wrong.

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