Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts from Deep Sea “May be Alien”

Astronomers have found the FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) for the second time from the unknown part of the cosmos. According to the study which was published on Wednesday by journal Nature the FRB’s are found by the Canadian Astronomers. The team has detected new 13 FRBs in the three weeks of 2018 in summer. Mysterious about […]

Why Planets are round and Galaxies are flat? [Mystery Revealed]

If you have a genuine interest in the universe then I’m sure that you have this question in your mind “Why Planets are round and Galaxies are flat?”. We know that in our universe planets and stars are round in shape whereas galaxies are flat. There are two shapes seems to be in the universe round ( sphere) and […]

Elon Musk’s Spacex Reveals the Incredible Sci-Fi Design for Starship

Starship was first known as Big Falcon Rocket which is officially shortened as BFR. It is privately funded spacecraft in development by SpaceX. It is fully reusable, that is, it can refuel its liquid oxygen and methane tanks by making use of resources from the atmosphere. This project got started in 2012 but no details […]

Is Time Travel Possible ?

How might you want to make believe for the future in a DeLorean vehicle? Or then again travel with the team of the USS Enterprise to spare the whales? These two patterns (from “Back to the Future” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home“) demonstrate an extremely normal figure of speech in sci-fi — time […]

Why can’t we see Black Hole? [Mystery of Black Hole]

Why can’t we see Black Hole: With the help of technology, we are having images of exoplanets far away from the earth, and stars and galaxies at the edge of the universe. So, we are having images of almost every cosmic object out in the space. But, we are still waiting for the images captured […]

Deep Sea Anglerfish Mating First-ever Footage Captured by Scientists

Watching fish mating might seem pretty weird to you. But, this is about a very impenitent and odd Deep Sea Anglerfish. So, this one will be interesting! Angler Fish Mating – Stage 5 Clinger You might have never heard the name, but the face is very common for everyone. A blobby fish having a sharp-toothed […]