Monaco (MCO) Crypto Visa Card Company Buys Domain

With the latest trend in cryptocurrency, many would have thought about buying the domain. But, Matt Blaze was intelligent enough in 1993 itself. He registered the domain on its name and used to renew it every year. Many top companies have chased him for buying the domain but he always said that the domain was not for sale. But, this doesn’t hold true anymore. This January, Matt said that people should stop contacting him for purchasing the domain.

Matt Blaze, a professor at Computer and Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania purchased the most sought domain, However, he has kept the domain to himself and has never sold it. As a result, the price kept on increasing and reached around $10 million as valued by experts.

Matt purchased this domain and never wanted to sell it. But, he has changed his mind now. This July, Matt made a deal with Monaco, a company known for making the crypto debit card. Kris Marszalek, CEO of Monaco did not go into the specifics. When asked about the price tag, he said that “If Matt was looking out for money, he would have sold it long before. He had something else with him that made him make a deal with us”.

Monaco, a cryptocurrency startup raised $25 million in their Initial Coin Offering Stage. The first stage happened in June 2017. Now, the company shows a balance sheet of $200 million. But, Kris was more focused on getting their platform well-renowned domain. Hence, they were chasing on for the domain owned by Matt.

Talking about, Kris said that “We have a new powerful identity to the represent the world. We are also representing the entire category hence we have to be more specific in our work. We want to put cryptocurrency in everyone’s wallet and the domain name will help us a lot in this”.

Monaco’s Next Plans With The Domain

Kris added that “We all know that Crypto is going to control the world. Every transaction happening around the world will take place using cryptocurrency e-wallets. Hence, we want to be prepared for it”. Monaco has issued a statement that they will be shifting their domain as part of the new one. Monaco is going to link its crypto Visa card with the newly purchased domain. With this, it will change the wallet app to MCO.

Monaco is reportedly testing out its Cryptocurrency Visa Card. It is using a group of test users for making the card foul proof. They said that in a few months time, the card will be available for customers located in Singapore and Europe. The US rollout will occur by the end of this year.

As per now, each MCO token is priced at $7. With the acquisition of the new domain,, Monaco has taken a lead than its counterpart. The Cryptocurrency Visa Card is divided into many types just like normal cards. The basic is Midnight Blue which starts at 0 MCO. Obsidian Black is the highest possible Visa Card for people having 50,000 MCO.

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