How to enable and use Thesaurus feature in iOS 12?

In the next month, iOS 12 is ready to roll out in Apple’s official iPhone launch event. The new version of iOS will come up with many improvements and features. It includes improvements in the photos app, grouped notifications, USB restricted mode, etc.

Along with these new features, Apple has provided some small but handy features. The company wants to improve the overall user experience with those features. One of them is Oxford Thesaurus of English.

This feature will be extremely useful for people who are having typing work. Being a writer/editor, I can understand importance of this feature. Thesaurus are nothing but groups of synonyms. You can use them in iOS 12 to express yourself with better words using synonyms of words. Already, there’s a built-in dictionary available in iPhones that can be easily accessed using “Look Up” option. But, the thesaurus feature in iOS 12 is not enabled by default. For enabling thesaurus in iOS 12, just follow the given steps:

How to enable thesaurus feature in iOS 12?

  1. In the Settings app, go to General section.
  2. Find the Dictionary option from the list and click on it.
  3. Now, select American English – Oxford American’s Writer’s Thesaurus option to enable the feature in your iPhone.
  4. Enabling the feature will show you a blue tick mark in front of the Thesaurus option. It means, the Thesaurus feature is now enabled.

Now, after enabling the thesaurus option, let us learn how to use this new feature of iOS 12:

How to use the new thesaurus feature of iOS 12?

  1. For using the thesaurus feature in iOS 12, open any app that allows you to edit text. You can open a simple Notes app for testing the feature.
  2. Type any word and select it for looking its thesaurus. Click on the ‘Look Up‘ option to find the results.
  3. You will find results from thesaurus and other dictionaries that are active on your iOS device. Generally, you will see the results from thesaurus at the top. This feature will be really useful when you want to type something very long. Also, if you are a writer, and want to improve your content by using different words, you can use this feature.

For now, the thesaurus in the iPhone supports only the English language. But, we can expect that Apple brings more languages support in the future.

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