Facebook accepts that it Tracks Mouse Movements and All System Activity

Facebook has been the talk of the town recently. After the discovery of Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is being held as a culprit for many other issues. Facebook is accused of leaking user’s data to third-party without the user’s knowledge. The data of users are used for targeted advertisements and many other things. Regarding all this, Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook was asked to appear in the US Senate’s House. Facebook was accused with 2000 questions in the house. They asked for time and answered every question in a list of 454 pages. Leaking user personal information, their activities, interests are some of the things the company is accused of.

Recently, a shocking confirmation was made by Facebook. They admitted that Facebook tracked user’s movement too. According to the news, Facebook admitted that it tracked keystrokes, mouse clicks, battery percentage and many such details of the users. By this, Facebook tracks the interest of users with the time they spend on each content. And they finally decide the advertisement content for each user. While the tech is so powerful but running it without the concern of user is highly disregarded.

How Facebook Keeps Track Of Users

Facebook keeps track of the users using a variety of parameters. It determines the interest of users by their actions and activities. We have a list of the parameters Facebook tracked of its users

  • Device Information: Whichever device user uses to logs into its account, it gets tracked. Facebook tracks the storage, contact list for the numbers, images stores and so on.
  • App Information: Facebook knows what are the applications present inside the device. It monitors the time user spends on each of the application and stores them.
  • Connection Information: Facebook monitors the device connection. It keeps track of the WiFi or network the user is connected to and hence tracks the users. It also uses the GPS data and monitors the user’s location. Hence Facebook exactly knows where a user is and its daily activities.
  • Battery Level Information: Unlike other parameters, Facebook uses the battery level for its app. It monitors how much battery is used up while the app is running and hence updates the app to perform better.
  • Camera Information: Facebook tracks the users’ camera and microphone most of the time. While this might be common between the apps as it provides filters on the photos and allows calls. However, it is still a breach of policies and privacy concerns of users.


With all the issues surrounding them, Facebook is in huge trouble. They are accused of a lot of things and if it goes on they can land themselves in huge trouble. Privacy of the users should be considered as the top priority by every company to keep the trust of them. If Facebook doesn’t come up with a better privacy policy, their company mind is in real trouble in the near future.

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