Facebook and Youtube suspended Alex Jones’s page and videos

As we all know facebook is suspended Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones because of bullying and hate speech. Yesss! It’s about the damn time. In this week Jones broke the all YouTube guidelines, and will getting himself a tight slap on the wrist. He also found that four of his more important videos were deleted. We wondered why Facebook didn’t do the same thing as youtube done. Apart from this, not only the Facebook community not taken strict action, even the four suspected videos that YouTube felt were highly enough to take a warrant action, on behalf of facebook account of Alex John’s.

After all this facebook faced many controversy for defending snake oil salesman, like Alex Jones, last week. In a 90 minute interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher, facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about this whole incident :

“The main reach that we have taken toward this false news is not to say, you cannot permissible to say something wrong on the internet. I think that it would be so extreme. Everyone get the things apparently wrong, and if we were trying to taking down the people’s accounts when it seem that few things happen wrong, then that can be a resembled as hard world for giving people a voice and saying that you care about that. But at the same time … I do think we have a responsibility to make sure that those aren’t hoaxes and blatant misinformation.”

As underestimate some of this content can be, I again think that it get below down to this principle of distribute the people a voice.

“Zuckerberg’s statement rubbed many in a very wrong way. He stated that he faced criticism from all over the internet community, and also ranging from those who wishing him to grew harder, and also to others who earlier took his side softly and always urged Joned to pick a side” — the crux of the argument being that Zuckerberg and Facebook would eventually have to choose whether to fight the fake news by banning those people who is responsible for it, or by continue spinning the narrative about giving the world a voice.

For Alex Jones, a 30 day ban is served by tha infamous conspiracy peddler after uploading four videos published on pages which is maintained by himself, and InfoWars. Facebook stated that each went against community standards. Presumably, all these videos are banned from the youtube for 90 days for livestreaming on YouTube, although Facebook has not responded as of this writing.

The community that belong to Facebook also stated to Reuters that the pages of Alex Jone’s are “now close to get unpublished soon which will also give the recent community a huge standards of violations.”

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