Facebook birthday Fundraisers earn over $300M for non profits charity

Facebook marked the first anniversary of its birthday fundraisers. It revealed that over $300 million have been raised in donations through the feature. This feature allows users to create donation drives for an organization of their choice on their birthdays. Currently, about 750,000 non-profits have access to such fundraising tools. But, these features are not available in all countries, as of now.

Based on feedbacks, Facebook will be adding some new features. It includes allowing Pages create donations and donate to fundraisers. Also, it will provide Pages with an ability to add matching donations and co-organizers to fundraisers. Some donors will able to opt for a recurring monthly donation it they want.

Facebook will add some more information about charities and organizations in the feature’s selection tool. So, if you want to create a birthday fundraiser but don’t have any idea about an organization, you can refer to the list. Some top beneficiaries of the fundraising feature of the company include the American Cancer Society, St. Jude, the Alzheimer’s Association, the ASPCA, and Share Our Strength-No Kid Hungry.


Last November, Facebook made this feature completely free. It removed its 5% fee on donations. So, all money goes completely to non-profits. This feature became famous in the no time. Many charities are now able to raise donations through Facebook fundraisers very easily. People who might never visit the charity’s own donation links feel safe to be a part of it through Facebook fundraisers. It is a very good examole of how social media can be actually used for social work. Instead of just sharing memes, social media platform can create some tangible results.

But, before being a part of it, it’s a good idea to have a look at some potential downsides. Just like other Facebook features, its fundraising tools have prompted issues about privacy. Donor privacy particularly is the most important one to have a look at. According to many organizations, donor privacy of Facebook fundraising tools is secure.


Fundraising consultant Jeremy Hatch argued on it through an insightful blog post last November. He believes that fundraising on Facebook eliminates the relationship between organizations and donors. He wants non-profits to rethink before growing increasingly depending on a company whose ultimate goal is to collect and monetize user data.

But, at the same time, Facebook’s reach makes many organizations to go with it, so they don’t miss out on much-needed funds. One of the best examples of how effective Facebook fundraisers can be is: RAICES raised more than $20 million to help migrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump administration. People on behalf of RAICES raised more than $20 million just through Facebook fundraisers.

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