Facebook Is Building A Platform To Connect Marketers.

Every company’s marketers wants to find influencers that suits best to their brand. Facebook has always been a good place for the marketers to find influencers. Now, Facebook is working to create a dedicated platform for the marketers to meet their influencers. Past few years for Facebook have been a wild ride for Facebook and its consumers. As we know, Facebook constantly updates its algorithms, it directly affects Advertising and branded content rules. Also, in the wake of Cambridge Analytica Scandal, drastic changes have been made to the API. So, it was really difficult for marketers and influencers to find each other. Also, in influencer marketing, it is really hard for creators who worked really hard to gain organic and engaged reach to compete with the one who buys followers and reach overnight. In the wake of this, Facebook is certainly working on a platform to provide its creators’ community a better experience. It was noted by a German site AllFacebook that such a tool is coming into action on Facebook. It also posted screenshots of this tool named “Branded Content Searching”. Also, there are three features along with this called: Search, Suggested Creators, and Saved Lists.


Search feature works the same as it sounds. It allows to search for creators by what audience they reach and demographics filled by them. You can easily search for a popular content creator with the help of this feature.

Suggested Creators

Suggest Creators would probably be a list of creators similar to the one you have been searching for.

Saved Lists

You can find all the information about your chosen subject in Saved Lists. Also, it allows you to sort this information by views or engagement per video, and view the portfolio put together by the creator. The portfolio comes with audience insights and the best branded content of the creator. In the beginning of this year, Facebook announced that it was going to explore two new monetization features for creators. One of this was a tool that allows advertisers and creators connect easily for branded content opportunities on Facebook.

There is no update about when this platform is coming, or how long Facebook will take to develop this tool. But, when it comes, it will certainly help Facebook to provide its community of creators to find better opportunities of monetizing their work.

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