Facebook Redesigned Business pages for Terms Of Reach

Many of us own a Facebook Page on various categories. It was fun posting stuff and getting the audience reaction on those but it has not been the same in the last one year. Facebook has made changes in its algorithm probably which has reduced the page reach drastically. Many admins might have noticed that they are receiving fewer likes and reach when compared to before. One of the main reasons for this is due to the growth of pages and users. Many pages have come out and Facebook cannot show the posts from all of them. They have to filter out some in order to give a better user experience. In a similar way, a user may like many pages and to see all the posts on their newsfeed is not possible. If we go by stats, the reach dropped by 52 per cent.

Many users have started paying Facebook for promoting their page or boosting their posts. But, it costs a lot of money. Not many people can afford such on a regular basis to their audience entertained. Hence, Facebook is trying to take some measures to do justice for them. Recently, Facebook announced that they are going to redefine the business pages for a better experience. There are nearly 80 million small business pages available on the social network and Facebook is going to modify them all.

facebook business pages
facebook is redesigning business pages

Facebook’s New Update

With all the problems, Facebook is coming up with a new update. It has decided to redefine the business page to help the people reach their audience. With the new update, the business page will have an option like ‘Make Appointment’ or a call button. This will help the pages like salons or restaurants to directly interact with their audience. The review portion is also redefined such that the users are required to give a 25 minimum character review. With such changes, the quality of the reviews will improve and other users will be able to get to know the quality of the location. When people ask for suggestions, their friends can recommend the business pages too. Business pages can now add short stories on their page. With the new job applications tab rolling out on Facebook, the small businesses can find staffs easily. such thing can be beneficial for both Facebook and the businesses.

One more update is that Facebook is going to have a recommendation for the users. They are going to start showing related pages on the pages. With such thing, the users will be able to discover a relevant type of businesses available on the social network. But, this might be different for the admins. If the related pages promote other available businesses, they can see their customers turning away. And, if such a thing happens it might worsen the situation. Facebook is also introducing a bookmark tab for the desktop version which will help the users bookmark their favourite location or page for accessing them directly.

With all the changes, it seems like the Business pages will now be happy using the social networking platform for their benefit.

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