Facebook Shuts Down Three Of Its Apps, Include Fitness Tracker Apps

Facebook is known for getting their hands on small startups and applications. Just like Google, they acquire a lot of startups in order to make them establish themselves. But, some of these buy backfires in the company. One of these are the three apps which Facebook has decided to shut them down. Today, Facebook has decided to pull down three of its app. The three apps are – Hello, Moves, and tbh. Wait, you are not the only one who doesn’t know about the apps. These are the less focused apps by Facebook which are not receiving much attention from the users. As a result, they have decided to remove them from service. They said that “We will be deleting all the users and their data from the apps in the next 90 days or so”.

Hello, tbh, Moves – The Three Apps

Facebook is shutting down three of their apps – Hello, tbh and Moves. While they said that these apps have very less usage compared to their other products, it may not be it. When the apps were examined, the low usage seems pretty wide range. Sensor Tower found that Hello had nearly 5,70,000 installs on their apps. tbh had around 6.4 million and Moves had a surprising number of 13 million downloads. However, for Facebook, it might seem a pretty low number since they have 2.2 billion users on their very own platform.

Hello, the app was launched in the year 2015. Facebook wanted to make the communication services spread wider and reduce the gap between the users. It is available only as an Android app working in U.S., Brazil, and Nigeria. When used, the app seems pretty much like TrueCaller.

tbh is a rather fun app acquired by Facebook in October 2017. It was made for teens who wanted to hear compliments about themselves from anonymous people. The app gained popularity as several million people started to use it. Hence, Facebook thought it as another area where it could expand its reach on the people.

Moves were acquired by Facebook in the year 2014. It is a fitness and tracking app which Facebook showed a lot of interest in. Users could use the graphs and share data about their fitness to Facebook. Moves had a large user base even before Facebook acquired them and hence Facebook thought that it could make it as their major product.

Why is Facebook Shutting Down The Apps?

When Facebook was questioned on this, they replied that “We constantly monitor the user performance on their app. When it was found that these apps were not much in use, we decide to take them down along with the APIs”. Further, when Facebook was asked about the existing users of the app they said that “We know that many users are still using the apps and will be disappointed by our decision. We thank them for their support but we need to make sure we are spreading ourselves only where we should”.

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