Google is developing an “AI-Assistant for Nurses and Doctors”

Google always achieves its target with its hardwork and dedication. And now, Google goes for the Streams app.

DeepMind Health, which is a subsidiary of an AI research company DeepMind, developed an app called “Streams”. Streams is a healthcare app for mobile. Just like Google, DeepMind is also a part of Alphabet.

As Google is now focusing on the healthcare sector, it is acquiring DeepMind health. With this acquisition, the Streams app could now become an AI-powered app. A blog post in the DeepMind’s blog suggests that this acquisition would result into Streams app becoming an AI-powered app that will help nurses and doctors around the world.

Streams App Functionality

Currently, the Streams app supports medical professionals in the U.K. for addressing the problem of “failure to rescue”. The term “failure to rescue” means when a patient passes away even when the condition was preventable. This happens only because they didn’t get proper treatment at the right time.

The app consolidates patient’s all medical data and helps in addressing “failure to rescue”. It allows everyone who are treating the patient to enter information directly into their file. When the signs of life-threatening problems arise, the app will directly send alerts to healthcare workers as soon as possible.

What if the Streams app becomes an AI-powered app and expand itself across the globe with Google’s large scale reach? The app could probably become a must-have tool for medical professionals in the future. It is good that the company like Google is taking interest in developing healthcare sector products.

Introducing Streams App to the World

For now, Streams app is only for very specific conditions. Workers at specific U.K. facilities use the app just for the detection of acute kidney injury. But, with the support of Google, the app could expand its users around the world. It could easily become a primary medical tool for healthcare professionals. With this, DeepMind team would also be happy to expand its app with Google’s support.

This is one of the biggest achievements for DeepMind! In 2014, DeepMind united with Google in order to get help from Google’s large scale and its experience in creating billion-user products. Doing this, it wanted to expand and introduce itself to the wider world. DeepMind’s blog post suggests that their team is happy to put the idea of transforming Streams app into effect.

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