Google’s Pixel 4 Phone Will Use Soli Gesture Tech.

Tech giant Google is always ahead in the field of innovation. From AI to electronics, Google is good at everything. Certainly, there is no exception to the Google brand new Google Pixel 4. This phone is quite smarter than any other device in the market, as it uses the Soli Gesture tech of Google.

Soli Gesture tech of Google

It’s been a while, Google working on the Soli Gesture tech of Google. It was May 2015, a video uploaded by “Google ATAP” had shown the Soli Gesture technology. It was under development then, but now Google has completed its development. Certainly, the technology will be embedded in the new phones and will likely pop up across other devices in the future.

What does the Soli Gesture do?

Pixel 4 will be the very first device from Google to use Soli technology. The system will let people skip songs, snooze alarms, or silence phone calls with just a wave of the hand i.e. simple gestures. A recent video from Google shows the same.

How does Soli Gesture work?

Soli Gesture technology is essentially a miniature radar system. It will be attached to the top of the smartphone, besides the front camera. Furthermore, Soli Gesture tech will sense small motions around it and it can be programmed to detect certain motions. As it uses radar technology, therefore, it can recognize gestures is the dark, even under the fabric. The technology was approved by the Federal Communications Commission in January 2019.


To sum up, we can say, Soli Gesture tech of Google is a great invention and we will get the same technology in different smartphones in the future. The compactness of the Soli Gesture tech will also let it embedded to different other devices like Smartwatches, smart Speakers, Headsets, Smart home security systems etcetera.

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