How to back up your Google Photos

How you are sure that the photos and videos of your phone are getting backed up safely? It is actually easy. Your photos and video are backed up through the Google Photos app of your mobile phone or through Google’s Backup and Sync application if you are the Windows or MacOs user.

Note: You must keep in mind while removing the Google photos app from your mobile phone is that when you are going to removing the Google photos app from your Android phone then you have to turn off the backup and sync manually.

How to take Backup of Google Photos from Phone?

If you are the Android user then I m sure that in your device Google Photos app is already there. If you don’t have then download it from Google Play Store or from the App Store.

  • After downloading the Google photos app open it.

  • The Three Line menu will be available in left side Tap on it and after that, you have to click on the Settings option.

  • Now from Settings, you have to select the Backup and sync option.

  • Now here in this option of Backup and sync, you should have to make sure that the toggle is ON. From this option, you can perform some other features also.

    Like, you can select whether you want to take the backup of videos or photos or not.          You want to take the backup of files with Wi-Fi or from a cellular network, etc. You can perform these types of extra settings from here.


How to take Backup of your Google Photos from Windows or MacOS?

If you are uploading your photos from camera to computer then also you can take the backup of it through Google Photos. For that you have to follow the below steps:

  • First of all, go to the Google place of Backup and Sync.
  • Now you have to click on the Get Started button and sign in to your Google Account.

  • In the next window, it will ask you whether you want to take the backup of Videos and photos only. Or want to take a backup of other files also. Choose it according to your choice and after that click on the Next button.

  • Now you have to choose the place from where you want to take the backup of photos and you want to save them with “High Quality” or with “Original Quality“.

  • Now, when you click on the Advanced Settings which is the available bottom of the page from that option you can choose you to want to sync the photos and videos from Google Drive also or not.

  • That’s it you have done. Now just click on the Start button and after that, the backup of your photos and videos will be started. When it is done go to the Google Photos and find the backup files there.

Now new option will come in the toolbar of your computer when you click on its icon then it will tell you which file is recently uploaded and which are skipped. Some files get skipped maybe because they are already there or the file size is too big which is around 75MB or 100MP for photos, 10GB for videos.

If the photos and videos which got skipped are important to you guys and want to make the backup of it then you can do one thing, compress to photo and videos and after that upload it to Google Photos Backup.

Final Words

I hope this article is helpful to you and you have successfully taken the backup of your important photos and videos. Just follow the above steps if you are the mobile user or computer user.

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