How to enable the new Gmail design right now

Earlier, a Google spokesperson said that they are working on some major Gmail updates. Then, he refused to speak anything about it as they need some time to unveil this and asked to archive this for then and when the time comes, they will let us know everything about it with a roll out. Gmail for the web did not have any updates for a quite some time. However, as Google had been working for it in the background, its update is ready for a roll out. After a long time, Google has updated Gmail with one of its biggest redesigns. This update comes with several security features like confidential mode, which allows you to have two-factor authentication and / or set expiration dates for individual mails. You can see that phising alerts are highlighted in a much clearer way with bold red boxes which are harder to overlook. Also, there comes a new Tasks integration to help you to manage to-do lists in a much easier way alongside your emails. After reading about this update, you might be wondering how to get the new Gmail on your account. Google is still rolling this out, but you can enable this right now in two ways. At the time of working on the update, it was announced that it will be coming as an Early Adopt Program in few weeks for both G Suite and regular Gmail users. So, here are the two ways by which you can enable new Gmail on your account:

Personal Gmail Accounts

You can head your personal Gmail account on the web and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. After clicking on the gear icon, if the update is available on your account, you will see an option to “Try the new Gmail” at the top of the drop-down menu. Since Google has not made this new Gmail default for everyone, you will need to keep checking back if you do not see the option to “Try the new Gmail”. The roll out is supposed to be global for about all 1.4 billion Gmail users.


G Suite Accounts

This is the second way to get the new Gmail. If your system admin enables the new Gmail on your G Suite account at work or school, you can get the new Gmail. Administrators should be able to access this as a part of their Early Adopter Program. They can go to the Admin Console and select to allow users to access the new Gmail. After the admin turns this on, individual accounts will receive the option to “Try the new Gmail” on their accounts under the Settings menu. So, these are the 2 two ways by which you can enable the new Gmail on your account. If you finally have the new Gmail and you find the older one more satisfying, you can switch back by heading to the Settings menu and selecting the “revert to Classic Gmail” option

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