US has provided Huawei more 90 days before full ban takes into effect

The Huawei ban was a setback for the tech giant, to be blacklisted from using google. As it did not do justice to the trust. While the ban was pretty quick to be official. But the US grants more time to ensure Huawei devices go good on time. While Huawei ban from the US awaits for another 3 months until official. Millions of Huawei smartphones run Google android. But the ban will back off from these devices. But now, the US wants their equipment away from the Chinese maker. As soon as possible.

Huawei ban from the US awaits

The president initiated the ban immediately after it became clear of the presence of extra ICs in the devices being made. As it came out in the open, an executive order was passed to prevent any sort of purchases. Communications installations and device manufacture using US-based products and software got prohibited.

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As nobody wants such devices with microdevices being used for inspections. The full ban was already implemented. But time was required for brand’s devices to be shifted off from the country to ensure safety. It also gave Huawei a better time slot to work. And make sure its phones run well for the next couple of years.

Cause of extension of Huawei ban


The ban got extended as there were a lot of cases. As the Huawei ban from the US awaits, the cleanup should get done. The smartphones from the maker had to receive some updates, so it works well from now.

As google won’t be sending any sort of updates. Nor will Huawei as they have been scraped off from the services of google. No testing grounds to release patches and firmware updates.

The extension will close down on November 19th by the end of this year. Wilbur Ross appeared himself for this extension. He added that the company should be given some time to clean itself. Before it goes away for good. Huawei made some good developments in the past years.

People especially telecommunication companies accepted their hardware for usage. But now the company is on the ban, time is required for them to choose new options.

Huawei services and devices on a full ban


Huawei is a great tech company, it makes brilliant devices. More than half of the population has already accepted their devices to be widely useful. But now, the ban seems to be shaking everything off the table. 46 subsidiaries of Huawei got into the blacklist. A total of over 100 such things got into the list, that belongs to Huawei.

While it already made harder for Huawei to do business with the US. Now its products are also being removed out. Ross also added that this was quite a big news today. This also motivated some of the other tech companies to cut off ties with Huawei.

Huawei’s replies to subsidiaries blacklisting

While the list recently got bigger of Huawei products being banned off, Huawei made a fuse comment. It felt that the new subsidiaries being added to the list was nothing else. But mostly politically pressurized.

It just did not fit the treatment being offered to them. Except for smartphones, none of the Huawei products was nothing, but a good piece of equipment. They also mentioned that the ban won’t be affecting its line of business. As they already have found alternatives to deal in with.

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