If you are facing these symptoms you can also become a victim of depression

Depression is a common but serious disorder of mood. It’s more than just feeling depressed. It is natural to feel sad at times, but if this sad mood persists day after day it can be a sign of depression. Major depression is an episode of sadness or apathy with other symptoms, which last for at least two consecutive weeks and is quite serious to disrupt daily activities.
This causes serious symptoms that you even can’t think
In fact, a person suffering from depression may also feel like he does not deserve his life anymore.
Depression can be light, moderate or severe. There are also certain types of depression, which develop under unique conditions such as
Postnatal Depression (PND)
Psychological depression
Congenital depression
Seasonal stimulated disorder
Persistent depressive disorder

Symptoms of depression include

1. Anxiety or restlessness-

If you ever start feeling anxiety or restlessness, you must consult a doctor. Avoiding such things may lead you to fall in depression. You may become mentally sick for a lifetime. So this is why if you want to prevent yourself from depression you must consult a doctor on facing such issues with your health. You must remember that any issue in your health should never be ignored.

2. Change in appetite-

You must be feeling strange about reading it, but yes it is true that change in appetite can also be a symptom of depression. Try not to ignore such little things in order to prevent yourself from depression.

3. Fatigue-

Fatigue and lack of energy, due to which small efforts also require extra effort. If you don’t feel active and feel low energetic throughout the day, it may be a reason for your concern.

4. Insomnia-

Do you know that Sleep disturbances, insomnia or sometimes much more sleep can also be a symptom of depression? Either you feel difficult to fall asleep, or feel sleepy every time, then it must be happening because of depression. You must not avoid these things thinking it must be happening because of something else reason.

5. Loss of interest-

Yes, loss of interest or pleasure in most or all general activities, such as s3x, hobbies or sports is a symptom of depression. If it happens all of a sudden then you must not avoid these symptoms and consult a doctor as soon as it is possible.

6. Anger, irritability or frustration-

If you are getting angry and frustrated even on small matters, you need to show concern regarding this. As this is also one of the common symptoms of depression.

7. Feelings of sadness, tears, emptiness or disappointment-

Sometimes, these all symptoms may be happened because of your mood swings. But every time you can’t blame mood swings for your bad behaviors. So every time you feeling sad, alone and disappointed. First try to keep yourself busy with the things you love to do, and still if you are unable to find happiness then you must consult a doctor about it.
So, these were the common symptoms of depression. To prevent yourself from depression must pay attention to these symptoms of facing them.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 5:07 am

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