Indian Education System planning to launch Artificial Intelligence.

CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education ) has decided to add Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th from the upcoming academic session.

By this decision, the students will see technical education from a new perspective.

About Artificial Intelligence

As we know that with the changing times our point of view towards education has changed. We want to gain more and more technical knowledge. Students have set up their mind in such a way that they want to perform more and more practicals. The students not only want to study in books but also want to do them practically. As the workload on men is increasing so we want to get rid of the tensions because of this workload. So we try to solve our problems with the help of computer and therefore try to make our computers so smart that they can themselves take the decisions.

As we know that the modern era is the era of computer. Artificial Intelligence means the ability of a computer to learn skills and perform tasks but with the help of human beings. Moreover, Kaplan and Haenlein define Artificial Intelligence as a system’s ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation.

Artificial Intelligence is spread everywhere nowadays and obviously, it is beating biological intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has helped us in putting a step forward in the technical area and is contributing in every field. Adding Artificial Intelligence as a subject is a credible step of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education ). This will really help in solving the problems very easily and fastly.

Because after studying this the students will be able to work with computers in such a manner that the students will need not to think more and the computer will take the decisions within a few seconds. The men need not think about anything the only step the men will have to take is to instruct the computer and the computer will take the decisions.

  • Motive

The motive of CBSE behind introducing it is to keep students up to date with the new techniques in this world. If students study this at school level then the basic knowledge of the students will be at a very high level and then they will be able to handle their future in this field very easily.

Also, CBSE has declared that if there is any need, CBSE will help the schools in teaching and learning this new subject ( Artificial Intelligence ). An official told that this idea is originated at NITI Aayog and stakeholders as well as some schools which already have AI as a subject, have approved it.

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