Instagram Launches Lite Version for Android Apps user, offers slimmed-down option

Well, the same way Facebook introduced a new small version of it by the name “Facebook Lite” in 2015, Instagram is all set to launch its new version by the name “Instagram Lite”. The new latest version promises to beg for less space than the main app which comprised almost 32 megabytes in size and requires more space to make you Instagram work smoothly. So which is why user used to keep on struggling with space. The users used to manage the space in some way so that they can keep the Instagram. Well, there is no such official announcement yet, but it is almost confirmed by all the sources relevant to Instagram. The new version of Instagram i.e Instagram Lite will be of 573 kilobytes only, that is the 1/55th of the size of the main Instagram app. It will work same as like the main app. It will let you go through the stories and newsfeed, watch videos and browse and the new pages with a little exception that is, in the initial stage it won’t let you message directly. As the Instagram Lite lacks this feature. So the ones who are active on Instagram for social messaging may face issues related to the function of texting. While it is a mirth for the people who love to go through the newsfeed and stories of Instagram only.

There could be 2 reasons for introducing such a Lite app. The first reason could be examing the observations of Facebook Lite. In just 2 years it gained popularity and 200 million active users, that further paved its way to introduce the Facebook Messenger Lite app in 2018. And the second reason could be seeing their users suffering from the space problem like the people who want afford the expensive phone that offers up to enough space. A sigh of relief to all the users who used to get irritated whenever they found their device lacking space and they used to get troubles because of the less space in their phones. To download the “Instagram Lite” you need not worry about the space and deleted photos and uninstall any application. Users seem to be craving for Instagram Lite for so long.You must be thinking if it is not yet announced officially how can we update it with so guts. When a spokesperson from the team Instagram confirmed that Instagram Lite will go through the testing process this week in Mexico. After its successful testing, it will be tested in some more countries.

So it was all about the Instagram Lite. And for more latest updates don’t forget to stay tuned to us and visit our homepage.

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