Instagram Users can now add Music to their Stories

Instagram is on the verge of innovation trying to add up many features to the platform. In the last week, Instagram came up with their very own IGTV to challenge YouTube. After the IGTV, Instagram launched Video Calls which allows up to 4 people group call. Continuing with the trend, Instagram announced the latest update for their Stories too. Today, Instagram revealed that users can now add licensed music tracks to their stories. Users will be able to add some background music to the Stories they post by searching in Insta’s own music library. They said that they have a collection of thousands of licensed music and they will be adding more every day.

Just a few days back, Instagram said that they crossed 1 billion user base on their app. Further, they said that around 400 million of them use Stories so they tried to add some kind of innovation to it. Instagram is trying to take a leap over their rivals SnapChat and trying every other way to do so. Snapchat may have trembled on its foot with the new update but Instagram is trying a lot to innovate in themselves.

How The Feature Works?

Adding background music to your Stories will work in a similar way of adding emoticons, locations and such. Users can directly drag and drop the Music Sticker in their posts. Then, they will have an option to select the music to be played. Users can also clip off the songs for which seems suitable with the posts. Instagram has upgraded the deep-linked Spotify feature which was announced in the F8 Conference.

The feature was rumored somewhere around May by many insiders and it happens to be true. With the new update, Instagram will start a new competition with which is one of the most sought platforms in terms of making videos. Instagram has taken over a leap on their direct rivals – SnapChat as they do not allow Copyright videos on their platform.


The new feature is available in some of the selected countries for now. The new feature will feature for both the iOS and Android users of the app. The option to choose music before recording is available only for the Apple devices. However, Instagram said that they will be rolling it out for the Android devices too. The music tracks added on to the Stories will start once the person plays the Story. This might seem a little annoying for people but it may look good in other sense too.

The reason Instagram has rolled out the new feature in specific countries is that the features require them to get a license to the music, it will take them a lot more time to bring it for everyone around the globe. But, they are working towards rolling it out to the other countries as soon as possible. For the people who own music, Instagram is offering them compensation for using the music on their platform. More details on the payment were not revealed but it seems a good news for the artists too.

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