MIT Created A Glove Which Controls How Deeply You Sleep

You might be amazed to know that researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently developed a device – a glove that allows a person to maintain or balance a semi-conscious state between wakefulness and sleeping. Why is this amazing? Because it will function as a “sleep interface”, in the form of a gadget that will allow humans to have a little control over their own consciousness. Hypnophagia is a state between awake and asleep. According to some experts, controlling the amount of time we spend in hypnophagia, then interrupting the mind before it can completely fall asleep, we may be able to take complete benefit of certain cognitive associations that we have never been possible for us before.

The way it functions

As this gadget is in the form of glove, a person needs to put on the glove. After putting on the glove, person needs to make a fist, as they begin to fall asleep they naturally loosen their grip. Dormio is present in the gadget to detect the state of the person. As the person is moving from hypnophagia into sleep, Dormio detects it and interrupts the person by playing a prerecorded reminder. The device is tested by MIT only with a handful of participants, but the outlook seems to be promising. If you are into hacking the human brain with scientifically created sleep-interrupting techniques and gadgets, this one is for you.


MIT Media Lab

MIT’s Media Lab has some remarkable projects being built, that includes devices that can Google your thoughts and capture creativity of your brain while going to sleep. Some other projects include building better prosthetic limbs, growing plants without dirt, and robots that record thoughts at the point where the person is between sleep and consciousness. It attempts to capture the brain at its most creative moment. The MIT Media Lab has also created amazing things like electronic-controlling temporary tattoos, robotic furniture, and sensory tape. All of these could become tomorrow’s touchscreen as the chances are for everyone. Glove that controls how deeply you sleep could also become something great tomorrow!

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