MIT researchers revealed, Laser Beams Can Be Used To Connect Aliens.

MIT researchers’ new study suggests sending laser beam in the space for aliens to discover us. For decades, astronomers and other researchers have been trying to find the cosmos with alien intelligence. What if we put a foyer light on for any alien astronomers who might be trying to search the same from the other end of the universe?

According to a new study carried out by MIT, we can literally send signals to aliens that we are here. A high-powered laser can be used to send these signals, and it can also withstand massive energy of our sun. So, if anyone is out there looking for us, can know that we are here.

James Clark, who is a graduate from MIT’s department of Aeronautics and Astronautics discussed this more clearly. According to him, lasers and telescopes of this age can easily produce detectable signal. So, an astronomer can easily find something unusual about the spectrum of our star by looking at it. We might not be the first one to be discovered by aliens, but doing this could surely get attention.

The Astrophysical Journal has mentioned this research. It suggests that pointing a 1-2 megawatt laser through the mirrors of huge telescope, laser could be sent into space. These signals can produce planetary scale lighthouse in the space for getting attention.

What after alien-life discovers us?

According to Clark, if any alien-life discovers these signals, these signals can be further used to send messages. Pulses can easily send information in the form of Morse code.

If we possibly start communication with alien-life, we could send messages at a speed of about few hundred bits per second. This can take about a few years to reach there!

Since the advent of broadcasting technology, researchers and astronomers have sent many messages into space for alien-life. But, they encoded all these messages using radio waves. Now, we have high-powered lasers for this purpose.

Many people disagree with the idea of building a laser-powered beam. Famous cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, strongly warned about alien civilizations on habitable expoplanets. According to him, meeting an advanced alien civilization is just like Native Americans meeting Columbus.

Clark also suggested that such a powerful beam could be harmful in many aspects. Any biological or digital eyes that directly look at it can be at problem. The beam won’t be visible to people. But, it could still accidentally damage people’s vision or any digital cameras that pass through it in a spacecraft.

If we plan to build such laser-powered beam on the moon where no one is residing, it could be safer. But, the idea of high-powered laser beam was just a study. Building it or not depends on future discussion.

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