The “Mobile Airbag” will save your Smartphones

How many times have you dropped your phone? Every time we drop our phones, our heart gets a mini attack whether it will be safe or not. Whether the screen will be intact, the speaker will work and all other thoughts come into our mind. If it is safe, we breathe a sigh of relief but if something happens we have to shell out a lot of money to get it repaired. Not just money, our data is also at risk if we end up losing them. Sometimes trying to get it repaired costs us more money than we bought them for.

But now, people do not have to worry about their phone falling. With a new invention from a German Engineer, our phone will always be safe even if it falls from anywhere. Spending money on your phone getting repaired because of falling down will be cut down easily with the new invention.

Mobile Airbag

“Mobile Airbag” – the invention which will help a lot of us save our phones. The case is typically created out of a scenario when the owner dropped off his mobile while taking it off the jacket. A German Engineer, Philip Frenzel, a¬†25-year-old studying at Aalen University created this case. When he was taking his phone out of the jacket, the phone fell and it was totally¬†shattered. Then he started experimenting and after four long years he came up with his own equipment, the Mobile Airbag.

There a lot of cases for our smartphones which offers protection. Bumper case and others offer protection against dust, water, fall, cracks and so on but they come for a costly price. But, the new case has a feature called Active Dumping (AD). The case automatically detects if the phone is in free fall and opens the spring. Thus, the phone bounces off the surface and protects the phone easily.

The case has dampers on all the four sides which acts as an airbag for the phone. It pop ups using a sensor which is attached to the case. The sensor easily detects if the phone is in free fall and thus protects the phone from any damage. The case is designed to work pretty well on flat surfaces and has almost 100% accuracy.


Philip Frenzel won the German Mechatronics Society award for its Mobile Airbag case prototype. He has made a patent for the Active Dumping Case to sell it commercially for the people. The case is set to work nicely on flat surfaces but there has not been any news for the rugged surfaces.

Mobile Airbag is set for a launch at the Kickstarter which will happen next month. Along with Frenzel, Peter Mayer who studies with him is going to accompany him. But, the case lacks design. If the product is to be launched and be successful, Frenzel has to come up with some interesting design. If it comes in the market, it will benefit a lot of people. They will be able to save hundreds of dollar which they spend on getting their phone repaired. And moreover, seeing phones with crack screens might become a rare scene in the near future.

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