New Warranty Program For Faulty MacBook Air And Pro

There have been many problems over the faulty MacBook keypads for quite a while now. Apple has officially recognized the faulty keyboards in the Air and Pro series of laptop it offers. The butterfly keyboard idea of Apple was not planned well. Some of the keys repeat unexpectedly¬†or sometimes the character does not appear or the keyboard keys feel sticky at times and don’t respond. Apple has recognized that some of the laptops it sold between 2015 to 2017 might have this problem and they have a program for it.

Apple has said that the customers who were affected by this fault can bring their laptops for repair at any Apple Retail Store or Authorized Service Provider. They need to book an appointment with the Store or mail them regarding their problems. If the laptop has impairs service, that is to be corrected first before addressing any other issue. The laptop will be examined and the repair will be done free of cost to the affected laptop.

Models Covered Under The Program

The repair included in this program is the replacement of some of the keys or in some cases the entire keyboard of the faulty MacBook. Apple has given the list of models for which the keyboard will be replaced free of cost. The laptops manufactured in the year 2015 to 2017 are covered under this scheme. The list of models are:

  • MacBook Retina, Early 2015.
  • MacBook Retina, Early 2016.
  • MacBook Retina, 2017.
  • MacBook Pro, Two Ports, 2016.
  • MacBook Pro, Two Ports, 2017.
  • MacBook Pro, Four Ports, 2016.
  • MacBook Pro, Four Ports, 2016.
  • MacBook Pro, 2016.
  • MacBook Pro, 2017.

Only the above-specified models are included in the list of the free repair for the faulty MacBook keypads. The repair program covers the affected laptops for the next four years of their sale. However, some of the laptops which face this issue and are out of warranty can also inquire about a concession. The repair cost for some of the laptops is estimated to be around $500. Since it is too costly for the people, Apple is refunding the users based on their problems.


A high number of customers have complained about the newer butterfly keyboard than the old models. The keys are made to be more responsive and give a feel to the user so it is little above than the surface. Because of the design, dust and other such particles can enter between the keys. Thus it results in the sticky or non-responsive keys. Two of the users were visibly irritated and thus filed lawsuits against Apple. Reportedly these people paid a lot to get their out-of-warranty laptop repaired. Thousands of people signed a petition on for Apple to fix these issues.

A few months back, Apple released a program to replace the battery of the old iPhones which were slowed up. And now, with this repair program, Apple is trying to get back the trust of its users and are building on the customer satisfaction. This repair program might cause a lot of money loss to Apple but the customers will surely be happy with the service they are getting. Hence, it might be a win situation for Apple.

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