Ninatic is opening up their AR Development Platform for Developers

Most of us would have heard or played the game – Pokemon GO, right? Here’s more to it. Niantic Labs, the team behind the development of the amazing game has made an¬†announcement today for the developers. The team said that they are opening up to the developers to use their AR platform to develop more games. The third-party developers can now create powerful games like Pokemon GO, Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and such.

Niantic has termed their new platform as “Real World Platform” where the developers can sign up. Once the developers sign up, they will get information and the access to it. The platform uses a combination of object recognition, computer vision, depth detection and so on to enhance the AR experience.

Real World Platform

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic said that “We are so excited with the advanced AR. Hence, we want the developers to use our platform and tools to create a new experience for the users. We want the developers to connect the physical and digital world with things we have not even imagined. Later this year, we will select a team of third-party developers to start working on our new platform. One of the limitations of the AR field has faced is that they are not able to blend with the real world objects. AR Objects should be able to blend with the objects to provide the ideal user experience. We have improved this condition and now the AR Objects can actually look like the real world object”.

With the description the CEO presented, other members of the group elaborated it. They used many cutting-edge technologies to make their tech superior in AR field. The company has also enhanced the geolocation, core mapping, social features and integrated them within their applications.

For enhancing the AR tech and making their platform more better, Niantic is acquiring a startup which is focused on Machine Learning and Computer Vision called Matrix Mill. In February, Niantic also acquired Escher Reality which helped the company make cross-platform AR-enabled apps. About the acquisition of Matrix Mill, Hanke said that “Matrix Mill have enhanced the machine process. It helps the machines recognize the world closely and enhance the AR objects to blend with it. Due to this, the AR objects seems more natural to the human eye than before.”.


Niantic has been working towards the development of the Augmented Reality for quite some time. They have also developed a low latency AR network which helps the users access the AR experience regardless of the device they are on. Most of the other AR-enabled apps are high-end smartphone specific but Niantic is trying to break the barrier and let everyone access it. They have shown a series of demo videos showing the capabilities of the Real World Platform. One demo showed a 3D Pikachu in the real world looking as natural to the human eye as it can be. Another demo using the Escher Reality showed how the users can share the AR experience together.

Recently, Google did the same in the Game Developer Conference where it launched the Maps APIs for the Unity Game developers. It will help the developers create accurate and better AR experience in the games. Niantic is looking forward to take Augmented Reality to a new level for the users and make it blend with the real world.

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