Snapchat’s TuneMoji integration brings you musical GIFs

According to a Business Insider report, TuneMoji (Music GIF provider) has integrated within Snapchat. This means that users having TuneMoji app installed on their phones can now send clips to their Snapchat story, or to any chat.

TuneMoji CEO James Fabricant had a meeting with Snapchat last year on a possible partnership. They had another meeting later on in May this year. In the second meeting, the finally sealed a partnership of integration.

TuneMoji app was launched in 2014. Since then, it has been steadily growing. It currently has around 20 million users. The app provides a creative way for creating and sharing the GIFs along with music. It is similar to Giphy that allows you to search GIFs from database by words or phrases, or by emoji. All these GIFs feature licensed music. Now, selecting share button for the musical GIF will provide you an option of Snapchat.

Earlier this year, Snapchat and Instagram discovered a racist GIF in the Giphy library. So, they removed Giphy from their platforms to avoid any criticism.

For this, Giphy said that this racist sticker was present in its library due to a bug in its content moderation filters. It was sorry for this incident and removed that GIF. But, it proved to be a shaky moment for the company. Instagram and Snapchat started integrating Giphy in the beginning of this year. But, this integration exists no longer.

Snap Kit – a new developer platform

TuneMoji managed to integrate into Snapchat via Snap Kit, which is platform’s new developer kit. Snap Kit was launched in June. The platform allows developers to have key features of Snapchat to their apps. Snapchat has been very slow until this summer, to introduce third party features to its app. But, the launch of Snap Kit platform changed everything. This is one of the first partnerships of Snap Kit. Other includes Tinder, logistics service Postmates, and fundraising site Patreon.

The integration allows you to share TuneMoji GIFs on Snapchat. But, there’s a limitation. You cannot directly share these GIFs from Snapchat itself. For this, you need to share GIFs to Snapchat from within the TuneMoji app. Fabricant says that they are trying to have closer integrations with all its messaging partners, and not just Snapchat.

Though there’s a limitation to share GIFs, the TuneMoji GIFs are pretty awesome. Now, you can easily snap your friend with those collections of TuneMoji muscial GIFs.

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