Stephen Hawking’s final paper on “Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair” is now available online for everyone

Earlier this year, Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76. But, his contributions to the scientific community are endless. Now, the final paper of his research on black holes is online for anyone to read. Also, it contains many mysteries of the physical world.

Stephen Hawking, Malcolm Perry, Sasha Haco, and Andrew Strominger prepared this paper and titled it as “Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair“. Now, a pre-publication repository ArXiv contains the paper and is available for free. Also, this paper includes a heart-touching tribute to Stephen Hawking.

Paper mentions that Stephen Hawking’s collaborators are deeply sad to lose their beloved friend. His contributions to the black hole theory and physics were really inspirational till the very end.

Hawking worked on a topic named “the quantum structure of black holes” for the last 40 years. And, the paper is just like a book on Hawking’s career and his work on that topic.

Quantum Physics vs General Relativity

So, if you are looking for some mysterious topics on technology and physics, Hawking’s last paper is worth reading. Also, it contains everything about his work on one of the greatest debatable questions in physics. He worked on a really debatable questions of physics. He wanted to know if matter gets disappeared after falling into a black hole, as according to laws of physics, it is impossible. Here, there’s a trouble between the laws of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Considering the problem on the smallest scales of matter, there’s a lot of difference between the set of rules that apply to small scale of matter and largest scale of matter. Hawking had a great fascination for searching a “theory of everything” that could resolve these two models.

Considering the rules of quantum physics and general relativity, black holes are one of the greatest puzzles in the universe. Quantum rulebook suggests that a particle’s information about its configuration, mass, spin, and other features to be deleted from the universe. But, black holes never lets anything escape that passes through the event horizon.

Hawking and his teammates mentioned something called “soft hair” that could resolve this mystery. Here, “hair” means photons at the event horizon, which is the edge of a black hole. So, according to “soft hair” element, the black hole’s edges would contain information about any matter falling into the black hole. So, any matter fallen into the black hole isn’t deleted completely from the universe. It just means that it has vanished beyond an apparent horizon.

According to a co-author, Malcolm Perry, this isn’t a complete resolution of the greatest mystery of physics. But, its a way to the answer. So, now they have lesser complex puzzles than before.

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