Stop comparing human intelligence and AI – they are completely different

These days, many people compare artificial intelligence with human mind. People believe artificial intelligence has become as smart as human brains. Google created a speaking AI just like a human. Google’s DeepMind created an AI that defeated the world champion at a board game. Recently, an AI proved to be as efficient as trained doctors in diagnosing eye diseases.

There are many upcoming projects on AI where robots will perform everything that a human does. But, this will lead all humans into unemployment. Nowadays, AI is dominating every areas of technology. But, does it mean that AI can outperform human mind?

The answer is: It is completely wrong to compare AI with a human mind. Both of them are totally different at functioning.

AI can process data, but cannot take abstract decisions

If we look at the best AI technology, it works similar to a computer software. All of them have bits running through circuits. Every AI technology is capable to solve any problem if you input correct data sets.

Image recognition can easily compare given photo with its data using underlying deep learning algorithms. It can define each minor data separately and then compare each data with other images.

The same process takes place in voice recognition. It compares a person’s voice through a neural network and find the common patterns. It uses these patterns to identify the person’s voice in the future.

Deep learning technology keeps updating to enable AI algorithms to identify and analyze data more efficiently. AI can develop its own set of rules to determine how it works. But, each AI technology will have same basic principle. That is, ‘breaking down a task into data can help AI to learn it’.

But, AI is not good at taking abstract decisions. Human minds can think abstractly by applying common sense, and can transfer knowledge from one place to another. For example, if you know how to dance on a particular song, you can easily dance on some other song. This is applying knowledge from one area to another.

AI is good at mimicking natural human behavior. But, when it does not get its set of data, it cannot perform. It will require a human to continue with the task.

Where logic and common sense is required, AI models fail. And it is proven. AI models fail when the problem is out of its syllabus, or they are trained on a different set of data.

If the subject is broad, AI needs more data and training to master it. And, there will be situations where it will fail. AI could not cover all the scenarios and possibilities.

The perfect example is self-driving cars. Though they become fully autonomous, there will be situations where it will need a human mind to deal with it.

Humans are bad at processing data, but can take abstract decisions

Humans cannot outperform computers in storing and processing information. For example, you need to learn a paragraph several times before you can memorize it. But, a computer can easily memorize it. Pressing “Save” button in a text editor will copy and save the paragraph into its hard drive. Similarly, humans cannot forget things very easily. Even if you try to forget your bad memories, you cannot. But, for a computer, it is as easy as deleting a file.

But, humans can take abstract decisions with the help of common sense, past experiences, and instincts. For example, when humans play a video game for the first time in their life, they can easily use the knowledge from their every day life to win the game. Staying away from fire, pits, enemies, etc. are the things a human applies into the game. This is known as transfer of knowledge. Humans know what to do and what not. But, for AI, it is necessary to learn each game from beginning. Also, it cannot transfer knowledge from one area to another.

Humans are capable to think and learn new things. Whereas, AI could only take data, process it, compare it, memorize it, come up with new presentations, and predict trends using previous sequences.

Humans can feel, dream, think, love, care. All of these emotions make humans dynamic in taking their decisions. Each one is different from others in the way they think and take decisions. They are imperfect, but they are unique and can think differently.

Stop comparing AI with human mind

None of the above discussion proves that AI is superior to the human brain or vice versa. Both of them are good at their own place. As they are completely different, let us stop comparing them.

We can take AI as augmented intelligence. AI and human mind can work together for better results. AI is capable to do things that a human mind cannot, and vice versa. So, they can do better if they work together.

Technology has always created the situation of unemployment. But, it is good. Human intelligence was wasted on things it wasn’t meant for. The same intelligence can be used to improve other areas for the betterment of mankind. In the future, we will see human intelligence and AI growing together, and not separately.

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