Elon Musk’s Spacex Reveals the Incredible Sci-Fi Design for Starship

Starship was first known as Big Falcon Rocket which is officially shortened as BFR. It is privately funded spacecraft in development by SpaceX. It is fully reusable, that is, it can refuel its liquid oxygen and methane tanks by making use of resources from the atmosphere. This project got started in 2012 but no details […]

31 Advanced Gadgets will make you feel like you are in 3019

Every time when you see a new machine the only word that strikes into your mind is WOW. Some gadgets are really fantastic. As soon as we see them we think that why I didn’t think this type of factor in any gadget. These are the gadgets that will make you feel like you are […]

Top Tech Predictions For 2019

Let’s countdown for the biggest predictions for 2019. So, what do we expect from some of the tech giants like SpaceX and Apple? We also hope for the worldwide release of 5G, next level of gaming consoles, and the huge acceptance for virtual reality. Here are the biggest predictions for 2019 1. Elon Musk is […]

Top 13 Best Game For Gaming PC

If you are having a Gaming PC or going to get one, you must try some amazing games. A Gaming PC without any games is like a river without water. Here, we have a list of some free and paid PC games that you must check out. Many of these games are graphics intensive. So, […]

Xbox One Games 2019 – List of Top 10 Games [New Updated List]

There are more than hundreds of games available for Xbox One in the market but how to choose Top 10 Xbox One Games 2019? For five long years, Microsoft’s Xbox One has provided a great gaming experience. This year’s top exclusives are some of the best games you should try. If you just got a new […]

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop [NEW]

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop: Many times, you might be in a situation where you start your laptop, and its battery is almost dead. It’s very irritating as you need to operate your laptop by plugging in the AC plug next to the wall. Powerful batteries, better processors, and optimization of software has […]

Is Time Travel Possible ?

How might you want to make believe for the future in a DeLorean vehicle? Or then again travel with the team of the USS Enterprise to spare the whales? These two patterns (from “Back to the Future” and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home“) demonstrate an extremely normal figure of speech in sci-fi — time […]

How to buy best headphones- Top 5 guidance before buying them.

Headphones have become very important in our lives. A right pair of headphones can let you enjoy music or communicate with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Also, it allows you to enjoy all the audio without disturbing any surroundings. But, whenever it comes to the selection of headphones, we get confused. Here’s a guide to buying […]

Why is My Internet so Slow? Here is the easiest way to fix Wifi Speed

Fixing the problem “Why is My Internet So Slow?“: Slow Wi-Fi speed is really a very irritating thing in this world. We use wifi or routers to get high-speed internet. But when the speed down, pages take a long time to load & video starts buffering then you start a panic. But you don’t need […]