Top 5 Fitness Apps for Android – 2019

In this world of emerging technologies, our smartphones can assist us in many ways to keep ourselves healthy. Google Play Store has everything from sleep tracking apps to workout tracker apps. Android smartphones feature a wide range of sensors that could provide insightful information about our workouts. Fitness applications make use of sensors for taking data and gives us insightful data that can help us lose wight, gain weight, build muscles, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also provide training routines for users who desire to do home workouts. Top 10 fitness apps which will lead you to a healthy lifestyle are:

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking


Google Fit, by Google, is an excellent workout tracker app. It uses sensors in mobile or activity tracker of the user to record the fitness activities. It marks your speed, time, route, elevation, pace, etc and gives you a real-time and insightful information of your walking, running, and other activities. You can also set goals in this app for specific steps, distance, time and calorie burn. It is perfect for home workouts and also has complete integration with Android wear.

Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker


Runtastic is an excellent app for daily exercise. It tracks your running, walking, cycling, and jogging routes using GPS. This tracked information is used to provide a detailed graph and table of your progress. It has live tracking, voice coach, and cheering, and you can also set running goals. It supports Android Wear and allows you to share your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans


Nike Training Club comes with no ads or in-app purchases, which makes it one of the best Android fitness apps. It contains over 160 free workouts focused on strength, mobility or endurance. It offers three levels of difficulty. It covers full range of focused exercises that target your triceps, abs, shoulders and other body parts. You can track and record your fitness activities like running, playing, biking, basketball, spinning, etc using this app.

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk


Runkeeper has over 50 million users. It uses GPS to track fitness activities and returns comparable results. It allows you to plan your workouts, follow them, and create your own with audio coaching. It could track your fitness activities such as cycling speed, route distance, running pace, and calorie burn with high accuracy. The app is free and contains ads with some in-app purchases. It provides Android Wear and widget support.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer


Map My Fitness tracks and maps your workouts and returns stats to improve your performance. It features 600 different tracking activities such as cycling, running, walking, yoga, gym workouts, etc. It offers audio feedbacks on every GPS-tracked workout. It provides you calorie counting, diet planning, nutrition, and weight tracking. The app offers you to opt to be a premium member, which will disable ads for you and also unlock additional features within the app.

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