Top Tech Predictions For 2019

Let’s countdown for the biggest predictions for 2019. So, what do we expect from some of the tech giants like SpaceX and Apple? We also hope for the worldwide release of 5G, next level of gaming consoles, and the huge acceptance for virtual reality.

Here are the biggest predictions for 2019

1. Elon Musk is working on a big plan.

As per the previous promise from the company, it will surely find varieties of solar roof styles. And for 2019, there are already two more styles.

The previous shipping of roofs had positive reviews from their first adopters. And as per reviews, people wouldn’t mind spending again or sooner on it. We expect a huge boost in roof production. Also, Musk previously said that they will be focusing on the volume production of the Solar Roof in 2019.

2. The next generation connection is almost ready.

The successor of 4G LTE networks, 5G, is already moving out of its testing stages. This new generation super-fast connection promises to be a reliable one for IoT, autonomous cars, etc. In 2019, we may have this next generation connection in flagship consumer devices.

3. Apple may leave its longtime processor supplier Intel.

In 2019, we may see Apple moving from its longtime processor supplier Intel to its own chips. Apple has always been consistent in transforming its chips for iPhones and iPads to rival its recent benchmark scores.

Apple may start working on Apple chip-powered Mac in 2019, which may launch in 2020. Many legal problems between Apple and Qualcomm forced Apple to leave its longtime partner behind. So, this may impact Apple’s chip sector, which may also affect Qualcomm and Intel.

4. SpaceX is about to make history.

SpaceX is ready to test its Crew Dragon capsule, which are designed to send humans into space. For the very first time, American astronauts will be sent into space on a commercial spacecraft. In 2019, SpaceX may complete its capsule’s test flights and aim towards bigger plans.

5. Elon Musk’s Starship is almost ready to take off.

In 2019, SpaceX is about to face its biggest challenge. The company is working to conduct hop tests for its Starship, which is a huge rocket for its manned mission to Mars. May be 2019 is very soon for such a big project to take off, but the company will surely fly its gargantuan rocket for a few kilometers.

6. An automobile market may get crowded.

In 2019, Tesla may face some tough competition. The company is about to launch a new car in 2019 with the help of its global expansion of Model 3 and Model Y. But, its competitors like Audi and Jaguar are ready to let Tesla strive hard for money. In 2019, Tesla’s competitors may offer consumers a great alternative, which may result in the fall of its market share.

7. Expansion of Tesla’s Model 3.

The cheapest car of Tesla may go global in 2019. The production of the company’s Model 3 started in July 2017. With its quality, it set great sales records for sales in North America. In 2019, it may roll out to other continents too for generating sales.

8. VR headsets are about to launch in 2019.

Virtual Reality may expand to great levels in the near future. In 2019, the Oculus Quest headset is about to launch, which is a self-contained headset. These headsets may end the need of PC to power virtual reality experiences for playing VR games. But, at the moment, this is not something that could be considered as a technology breakout.

9. Samsung may dominate the market.

In 2019, Samsung may bring a revolution in the smartphone market. In the November developer conference of the company in San Francisco, it announced its unique Galaxy F concept. The company almost cleared and confirmed all doubts regarding foldable smartphone rumors. In 2019, this phone’s launch may bring a great revolution in smartphone production.

10. Bitcoin will hold its place as the biggest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is dominating the world of crypto. But, will it retain its place in 2019? The world’s biggest cryptocurrency still holds the largest share of the market. It also has competitors like Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Though the future price of Bitcoin is uncertain, it may hold its position as the largest market cap of all cryptocurrencies in 2019.

11. Apple is about to change its charger port again.

Once again, Apple may switch its charger port. This year, Apple launched iPad Pro which had USB-C standard instead of the Lightning connector. It was a great success for Apple. So, Apple might do the same with the iPhone. In 2019, we may see iPhones having USB-C.

12. Tesla’s sports utility vehicle will promote electric cars.

In 2019, we will see the launch of Tesla Model Y. It is an electronic sports utility vehicle, which will be available at a cheaper price in the market. Also, there would be a cheaper alternative Model X just like we have Model 3 as Model S sedan’s alternative. Cheaper prices and more sales would encourage electronic cars in the market and may make them mainstream.

13. Autonomous cars have become more likely.

With many failures and setbacks, we may finally see autonomous cars in 2019. Many companies are working to achieve this goal. In 2019, we hope that one of the company will get success in creating the fully-autonomous car.

14. Stablecoins may stabilize the market.

You may not be familiar with Stable coins, but they are likely to become a trend in the crypto world. Stablecoins are stabilized by a fixed currency value unlike altcoin that tend to float freely and has fluctuating market value. So, this may help people in making decisions of trade by determining how its value will change. 2019 may be year for Stablecoins.

15. We may see the next gen of video game consoles.

We are very near to the launch of the next generation of video game consoles. In 2019, we may come across the launch of both Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlet.

16. Next generation of game streaming services.

Microsoft is working on a game streaming service that will have minimal lag. In October 2018, it announced about its xCloud game streaming service. According to its announcement, the service will use specially-crafted server blades packed inside the Xbox hardware for streaming games around the world.

As per the company’s test, xCloud requires an internet connection of only 10 megabits per second. The game streaming will be possible with minimal lag as major work would be done on the server side. If Microsoft remains successful, xCloud will become a very important component of the next generation game streaming.

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