Twitter announces Ads Transparency Center

Both Twitter and Facebook are set to announce new programs to let users be more aware of the advertisements they see. Earlier, Facebook announced that it will allow the users to see all the ads which are run by a single page. Now, Twitter has also come up with their very own Ads Transparency Center (ATC).

Everyone will be wondering what this new tool will do? Here’s the answer. Twitter is making sure that people will be allowed to know the ads run by each advertiser. Anyone, whether they are registered or not can see the ads campaign directly by navigating to the Transparency Center on advertises’ handle. Twitter is doing so for allowing transparency in the ads which the users see. Since the elections are nearing, people will see a lot of political ads being displayed on their feed. Now, anyone can know who had these ads setup, by simply navigating to the advertisers Twitter handle. Users can see the ads campaign run by the advertiser in the last 7 days on their handle directly. Furthermore, the political ads will have more details. The users will be able to see more information like – billing info, spending info, impression data, and targeted audience.

Why Are Social Networking Companies Doing All These?

Twitter has come up with a new Political Ads Policy which will cover any advertisements that may influence the outcome of the Election results. They are going hard on the advertisers where they have to be certified to publish these kinds of advertisements. One of the primary reasons for these strict rules might because of the fact that US lawmakers filed a case against the social networking companies for publishing such ads. The case was filed because the investigation team found that the Russian Government ran some political ads during the US Elections. They were questioned on what the companies were doing to make sure the ads are legitimate and from certified advertisers. Due to this, Facebook, Twitter, and Google said that they will be taking measures to avoid such issues.

Following this, Google said that it is releasing transparency report for the political ads including that on YouTube. Facebook similarly announced their own tool for monitoring the ads.

Twitter’s Transparency Center Tool

The tool will display a lot of information about the advertisements to the users. Twitter will mark the political ads with a badge when displayed on the users’ feed. The users can easily identify them and see if they are run by a trustable source.

The Transparency Tool was announced by Twitter last October. They said that they will be rolling out the tool by fall of 2018. However, there was a delay and the company did not mention anything about it. Nevertheless, the tool looks good and will make people aware of the advertisements they see on their feed.

Along with the new tools and policies, Twitter said that they will be coming up with their own “issue ads” policy. Facebook has already introduced their own issue ads policy with 20 topics that are flagged by them.

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