Twitter will definitely suspend the offenders posting abusive posts on Periscope’s live stream

As we all know that in today’s era twitter is also one of the social media that grow day by day. But many of the account holders use abuse language to humiliate others. That’s why now twitter starts attempt to crackdown over the use of abusive language on its network. So on Friday twitter announced to starts it’s new guidelines under which they will take proper actions who repeatedly harass, threaten or doing mischievous comments during the broadcasting of Periscope’s live stream. The company of Twitter also said that now company will aggressively enforce the The guideline of its Periscope’s Community and after which they will decently suspended the regular offenders.

Twitter tell this by its Periscope’s blog and also mentioned that now it’s safe for everyone to watch live videos. Under this policy if any one viewer reports a comment as abusive or related to spam or select any other reason then the software of Periscope will send that randomly to other viewers to judge that the reported comment. To check either it is abusive or not and if the majority of random viewers select that the comment is actually a spam or abuse than the commenter will get suspended.

But still there is a drawback in this policy as it make the commenter temporarily banned as the person can still watch the live stream only he will abolished to comment on it. And he/she still have rights to see any other person’s live stream can do comments and threaten or Abuse the other community.

But on regard of this twitter also said that this time twitter will not tolerate this and if any of the account violate the policy and get suspension again and again, then twitter will suspend that account permanently. According to the company this enhanced enforcement will started from 10th of August. And this new guideline will definitely work for the user’s safety.

But upto certain extents this policy can be questionable till now. While twitter is working for the reduction of online harassment. But till now this policy can be treated as hit and miss trial. Even though it can be said that it will definitely work to reduce the growth of that users who desperately sign up for the harassment purpose.

As now this can be said that company is actually working on addressing the problems. As their recent steps in acquiring Anti -abuse technology can be proven as the most helpful technology to address the abuse and will take proper steps which help in its future upliftment.

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