Why Alexa and Siri cannot function as a robot helper? Human intelligence better than robots?

With the fast development in technology, we are frequently introduced to some new innovations. Artificial intelligence is making it easy for technologies to conduct human activities in a better way.

Just like Alexa and Siri! Where we still plan to replace Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence. Here we cover how human intelligence stands up with all the new technology.

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What do Alexa and Siri do for you? 


Alexa is basically a voice command system product by Amazon which is designed in a speaker type. Alexa performs simple functions such as play music, videos, movies it can also be used at home to dim lights, weather updates control many other home devices and so much more. With Alexa Amazon products become voice sensitive.

What Siri does for iPhone users Alexa does the same for its users

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Siri the voice of Apple device is for Apple users which performs similar functions just as Alexa does. It has access to all the apps on your iPhone. She yes, it is termed as she where it also books reservation tables. She can be your friend to talk and do a lot more.

Google has google assistant which has its own exclusive features.

Can we consider them like robots? 


The main question that arises is that can we consider them like robots? They are a speaker like devices are they ready to have body parts? Can we teach them to perform and think like human beings ?? Are they deserving to replace human intelligence?

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Amazon is among the largest tech companies will it be able to meet the standard of creating Alexa a robot.

Human Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence. 


Though we have huge scientific innovations coming up teaching robots to think as a human is still a long way to go. Robots today are acquainted with statistical knowledge they have data stored situation in it and can work only in those consequences. Teaching them to work in an open environmental space is still a task. Though artificial intelligence may help it with the navigation process it will still face problems unless it has a high level of knowledge.

Making Alexa and Siri a robot has its own difficulties and problems here are few of them

  • AI is still struggling to understand the context and meaning of words.
  • Language barriers.
  • General problems cannot be solved with these products.
  • It will also face problems with privacy concerns.

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Reports say Instead of a physically present robot, Alexa would be an omnipresent.AI assistant that would be incorporated into all of your devices and would be able to take and execute commands to each specific device.

The new approach of ‘Augmented intelligence approach” will help the users to perform the task in an easy way. Well through automation tasks are done in a better approach with a lot of interaction.


The main aim of all technologies is to make and help human to perform the task in a better way to help them make an approachable environment to work for. But giving the human brain to a robot is a big thing to say as the brain is the most complex creation. Robots and Artificial intelligence with binding all of them together to make Alexa and Siri a lot than they actually are is still a long way to reach with many more experiments. Well, each product has its own way to perform while Alexa and Siri can be used to perform a task only with interaction and not physically. It can find new ways to make life easy but not replace Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence.

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