Why Did Amazon Come With An Android Web Browser?

Amazon just came with an Android web browser. There are hundreds and thousands of web browsing apps on the Google Play Store. Even though there is no shortage of web browsing apps, Amazon has added its own web browsing app into the list.

‘Internet’, a web browsing app by Amazon

The app from Amazon is called ‘Internet’, and Amazon claims the app to be fast, lite and private. The app weighs under 3MB and comes with a basic design with a bunch of shortcuts and links to trending news articles on the homepage. It also provides the support of incognito browsing. According to Infomance, the app is available only in India at present. It is not available on the devices such as Xiaomi and OnePlus at the moment. It is noteworthy that the app has not yet reached a thousand downloads. So, it is likely that Amazon is testing it by rolling it out slowly. The big question still continues. Why did Amazon build it? The company already has its Silk browser which runs on its Android-based Fire tablets and phones. But, Silk is not available in the Amazon Appstore for India.


‘Internet’ does not seem to be a good alternative for people in India: it does not function better than a browser you get pre-installed on the devices from most manufacturers, and does not provide a support for local languages in India. It may be possible that this is part of Amazon’s larger strategy. A few months ago, it launched Echo speakers in the country with customizations and localized skills in Alexa assistant to support work for the Indian audience. Also, its Prime subscription service, along with audio and video streaming, is performing well. But, if the company wants people to switch from Chrome or other web browsing apps to its ‘Internet’, it will need to do better.

Amazon will be coming with some updates on this. May be ‘Internet’ is a part of its bigger strategy and will come to be something great in the future. Let’s see what Amazon does with its ‘Internet’.

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