Why Does The iPhone Battery Drain Quickly?

The technology has advanced a lot. But the battery still sucks. Though the appearance of lithium polymer and li-ion battery has made the electronics much better, still the battery sucks. The simple reason is, the battery drains very quickly and after a specific charge-discharge cycle, the battery life decreases gradually.

iPhone’s Battery


No exception for iPhone also. iPhone uses Lithium-ion battery. The advantage of Lithium-ion battery is, it weighs less, lasts longer and charges more efficiently. But as mentioned earlier, the efficiency degrades as well as the battery life decreases after a specific charge-discharge cycle. And after that period the battery drains quickly. But in case you have a new iPhone but still having the problem of battery drainage, then you need to know the following things.

Why does the battery drain quickly?

Different factors can cause your battery to drain quickly. If you have your screen brightness high, for instance, or if you’re out of range of cellular network or Wi-Fi, and as a consequence, your battery may drain quicker than normal. Furthermore, the battery can be permanently damaged and the internal resistance may permanently rise if the battery is drained below the safe voltage. Consequently, the battery will die soon. Some of those things are out of your control, indeed. But there are few ways to manage the battery smartly on your iPhone, and Apple makes it easy.

Here’s a simple way

Follow the steps to figure out why the battery drains quickly

1.Open Settings on your iPhone.



2. Choose Battery.

3. Go to Battery Health. If it says that your iPhone is at Peak Performance Capability, then its good but if not, consider buying a new battery.



4. Now, go back to the main battery page and scroll down.

5. You will get a list of the apps that have used the most battery life.


6.Tap Show Activity.

7. Now you can see how long you’ve spent using each app. If there’s one that drains your battery a lot with just a little bit of usage, then you may want to consider uninstalling it.

8. Go to the Last 10 Days. This will show the apps that used the most battery over the last 10 days.

9. Now if you see some abnormal activity by any app, then uninstall it. Besides you can also uninstall the apps which you aren’t using but still drains the battery quickly by running in the background.

In conclusion, it’s simple to track the apps that are using up your battery. Most importantly, this is useful if you download a new app and it turns out that your battery starts draining quickly. Furthermore, bugs can be behind it, and the same process will help you to find the buggy app. However, if you still notice that your battery health isn’t as good as it once was, then it’s time to empty your pocket at the Apple Store and get a new battery.

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