Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains, Why Privacy Point is At a Crisis Point?

“Why privacy is at crisis point?” We need to think that today. The current generation is wide uses electronic devices for storing data. For instance, more than 65% of computer users are using their pc for storing data. the smartphones stores a lot of data, it ranges from your browsing history to the chat history. Not only that, smartwatches collect data regarding your health and store in the cloud. So certainly we have a lot of data. With the increasing amount of data, the security hasn’t evolved proportionately. That’s why we need to think deeply about our privacy.

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In a recent interview Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. gave us a few noteworthy information. According to him, we have more information on our devices rather than we do in our own homes and it is a major change over the last several years. Consequently, they are trying to raise the level of awareness and to ask countries all around the world to begin considering legislation over what companies can do & what they can’t do.

Europe has a whole new data protection regulations, but its not the same case in the US. Indeed a matter of controversy. Tim Cook believes in free markets. But, sometimes a free market doesn’t work. In such a case, it’s clear that the amount of things that can be collected about you, without your knowledge, maybe with your consent isn’t very well. A lot of cases were there recently, wheres hackers or some companies have done nefarious things with the data. So, the governments have to take some action now before its very late.


The data stored on the internet goes through some algorithm certainly. Besides, most of the times the data are being analyzed and it becomes some kind of surveillance on the users. Then where is our privacy? Its a big crisis for sure. That’s why we said, “Why privacy is at crisis point?”.

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