Youtube Adds New Monetization Methods For Creators

In the ongoing VidCon, the annual conference of online video makers, YouTube announced new features. They have decided to add new monetization methods on YouTube videos for the creators to make more money. Most of the new features are already tested features on different platforms but they might be successful on the largest video platform. YouTubers are suffering from problems since last one year but this might reduce their load a bit.

One of the most awaited latest features includes a channel subscription fee. The $4.99 membership fees will be charged from the users who wish to access the exclusive content of the channel as said by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer of YouTube. The exclusive content will include live streams, extra videos, and others which the creator offers.

New Monetization Methods On YouTube Videos

As we said, they have introduced the features which are already present on other channels. For instance, the subscription feature is taken from Twitch which offers the same. The feature was in testing mode with a small number of users with the tag ‘Sponsorships’ but now is available for every channel which has more than 1,00,000 followers.


Other than Channel Monetization, is a Merchandise Shelf. The content creators can now sell off their merchandise under every video. Before the creators had to ask the visitors to personally visit their store and purchase the products but now they can do it directly. Below the video, the publishers can show off their products with the price tag for the users. From there, the users can directly browse through the products and purchase which they like.

Another feature introduced is called ‘Premier’. Content creators can now post their pre-recorded videos directly for the fans to interact. It serves as a landing page for the live video which will be featured later on. Along with that, YouTubers can use the Super Chats feature where they can pay for their comments to appear on the top.


The new features were much needed on the platform since they were facing backslash from the advertising companies. Last year, UK Government stopped showing all their ads when they saw that their ads were being displayed on extremist videos. Following this, several ad agencies pulled out of YouTube which degraded their reputation. But, YouTube was quick to counteract the situation. It came up with new rules for the videos which will be ineligible for monetization:

  1. Videos which contains Vulgar language.
  2. Sexual and Nudity content.
  3. Violence and disturbing images.
  4. Harmful or dangerous activities being carried out.

But, this backfired a little. Several YouTubers started complaining that their videos were marked despite any bad content. Many YouTubers suffered a huge loss in their income due to these changes. Moreover, Nasim Aghdam, a women shooter took a shot at YouTube HQ following this. She then committed suicide by shooting herself. She thought that YouTube was trying to spoil her channel and she was losing all source of income and hence decided to quit her life. YouTube was in no way responsible for all these but they did not tackle the issue well at that time. However, with the addition of these new monetization methods on youtube videos, it comes as a sigh of relief for the creators.

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