YouTube Promises Expansion of Sponsorship, other Monetization tools for creators

YouTube says that it is rolling out more tools (monetization tools) to help its creators make more money from their videos. Earlier this year, YouTube announced its new monetization policies and it came across a lot of complaints from the creators. After a series of controversies over video content from top creators such as Logan Paul and PewDiePie, YouTube announced new policies to make the site more advertiser-friendly. So, in response to these complaints, YouTube decided to roll out some more tools. Later on, the company decided to set higher parameters to join its YouTube Partner Program, which allows video publishers to make money through advertising. Before, creators required just 10,000 total views to join. Now, they require at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time to join this YouTube Partner Program. As a result, many videos that previously relied on ads were demonetized.

YouTube had always worked for better systems to review video content when a video is demonetized over its content. The company involved the use of machine learning technology to address misclassifications of videos related to this policy. So, the number of complaints were reduced from the creators who wanted a human review of their video content.

New Program with monetization tools for creators

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that they are launching a new program related to video monetization this month. This new program will allow creators to unveil, what sort of content is present in their video during the upload process, as it relates to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines. This is in order to make the monetization process smoother with fewer false positive demonetizations. Self-disclosure regarding content would be another signal for YouTube’s monetization algorithms to consider. It is not possible for all videos to meet the requirements of becoming a YouTube Partner. So, YouTube announced to rollout alternative means of making money from videos.

It includes expansion of “scholarships”, which was in testing with a selected group of creators is. Many more creators will gain access to sponsorships in the upcoming months. It has not been announced yet that how those creators will be selected, or what are the requirements to get selected. YouTube will be found rolling these expansions broadly to the gaming community. Wojcicki gave updates on various other changes enacted by YouTube in the recent months. The company improved its communication with the wider creator community. It has increased replies by 600 percent and its reply rate by 75 percent to tweets addressed to its official handles.

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